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10 Beauty routines you should follow before age 30

Are you approaching 30 and are you worried about maintaining your beauty? If you start taking care of yourself today, you can keep your face and skin just as radiant for years to come. To achieve this you simply have to acquire some daily beauty routines.

Not only do you have to take care of your diet and practice sports, but you also have to start keeping some care with your skin. Your infallible secret must be the constancy that will be essential if you want to succeed. We tell you what are the 10 beauty routines if you want to look splendid in the coming decades. What are you waiting to start?

Here we write 10 beauty routines tips

1. Daily facial cleansing

beauty routines

The first routine you should acquire is to perform a facial cleansing before going to sleep. Every night without exception, he performs an in-depth cleaning: “In my daily beauty routines I include rose water, I use it as a tonic and as a refresher because my skin is very sensitive,” said former Colombian Miss Michelle Rouillard. He added ” When I feel very tired skin, I apply honey and I feel that when I remove it it is more hydrated and relaxed. And always, before a photo, I pass a bucket of ice down my face, to help tense the skin. “

The famous also recommend using cleansing lotions and cleansing milk indicated for your age and avoid using soap to clean the face, because it is too aggressive and unbalances the protective film of the skin. In the same way, to use cleaning wipes usually except when you travel. They can be a way to spread acne all over the face. In Sergio Rada Specialized Aesthetic Medicine, you can carry out proper toning, cleansing, and facial rejuvenation treatments.

2. Healthy eating

If you want to preserve the young aspect of your skin, it is essential to maintain a healthy diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as this help eliminate toxins. For example, oranges, apples and cherries are examples of perfect fruits against the so-called “orange peel”. Another good idea is to eat vegetables such as spinach, Swiss chard or critics with high vitamin C content such as oranges, lemons or grapefruit.

You should also reduce the consumption of sugar and flour, legumes, cereals, and pasta and increase hydration by taking more than a liter and a half of water daily. “Every morning I prepare a green juice with cucumber, celery, mint, apple, and pear,” said Michelle.

3. Sleep what you need

beauty routines

Although it may not seem, for your skin it is very important to get enough sleep. The skin will recover with a good night’s sleep. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day, you can even apply a mask or night cream to help you be perfect the next day.

4. Creams appropriate to age and climate

As for the anti aging face creams, if you travel frequently you are likely to find yourself with climates different from others, which affects the behavior and demands of your skin: on the one hand, the dry climate makes the top layer of the skin dehydrate easily and lose moisture, so the skin begins to look scaly and dull, which makes the expression lines accentuate.

While when we are in a humid climate the skin feels sticky and this happens because the sweat stays around in the skin instead of evaporating, mixing with the oils and the natural bacteria of the body. For this reason, many women need to adapt their beauty ritual according to the weather, using moisturizers in dry times and using creams with matt effect in humid climates.

When you approach the 30, you will be giving realizing that the first wrinkles of expression begin to appear. To avoid them you have to apply creams every day to moisturize the skin but not to provide fat. Look for creams rich in vitamins E and C as they provide antioxidants and free radicals. Invert an anti-aging cream for the first lines of expression that suits your skin type to avoid other skin problems such as pimples or redness.

Another good beauty routines is to start using the serum daily, a great unknown to many. It should be applied in the morning and the night after a deep cleaning. There are also anti-blemish, anti-imperfection and even anti-wrinkle serum. You will not regret!

5. The forgotten eye contour

beauty routines

Although you are still sure that you do not worry about the fearsome dark circles and bags, you should not stop applying the eye contour every day after 30. You can stop the skin aging that is usually reflected in this sensitive part of our face. Likewise, you will avoid the terrible effects at forty and even at thirty as the relaxation of the eyelids and wrinkles. You will be interested to read: How to eliminate dark circles: Look spectacular at your wedding!

6. Healthy exercise

If you start exercising before 30 years, you will be able to prevent diseases such as osteoporosis and obesity in the future. These two problems affect the majority of women from 40 years of age. Try to find the exercise that seems funniest, so you do not get bored easily. Good examples are rumba therapy, hiking, skating, cycling and even climbing if that’s what you enjoy. Aerobic exercise is also recommended to keep fit. But the fundamental thing is always to be constant and practice every day for 30 minutes.

7. Beware of the sun

beauty routines

Although it may seem delicious to spend a morning sunbathing in front of the sea, avoid the sun’s rays. Especially from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, because these are the times when UV rays are the most harmful. Your skin is undergoing aging and a constant risk if it is not protected from the sun every day. Use 50-factor sunscreen on the face, before applying the moisturizer, especially if you leave your house. You can also find makeup and body creams with a high sun protection factor. On the neck and on the neckline too!

8. Exfoliate your skin

Another of the beauty mantras from the age of 30 is to exfoliate the skin with appropriate products once a month. Apply a mask to improve the hydration of your skin and another for the hair. Even if it looks like a bit of grandmother, use the facial tonic to complete your daily cleaning.

9. Take care of your bones

With age, many women suffer constant bone fractures. A good idea is to start your daily calcium intake before the age of 30 by consuming dairy products and their derivatives. For example, you can take cheese, yogurt or smoothies every day. We can also consume other foods such as almonds and salmon.

10. No bad habits

beauty routines

If you want to be perfect at thirty and forty, stop smoking and limit the intake of alcoholic beverages. Bad habits cause serious heart and lung diseases if they do not stop in time. Your age is perfect to abandon them and continue with a healthy and happy life.

With these daily beauty routines before your 30th birthday, you will help keep your face and skin perfect. Not only must you take care of your diet and practice sports, but you also have to start keeping some care with your skin.

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