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    Which Metals Do Casting Processes Most Typically Use?

    We are surrounded by items that began their lives in a foundry – that is to say that they are cast metal items. Objects like lamp posts, train wheels, large-scale industrial equipment and even sculptures are cast out of metal. Image Credit Casting, according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casting_(metalworking), is a process whereby solid metal items are created through placing liquid metal into moulds. The steps involved include pattern making, moulding, melting and pouring, shakeout and cleaning. Once metal shapes have been cast, they can then be turned into more complicated objects through the use of metal bonding adhesive like those found at http://www.ct1ltd.com/product-applications/metal-to-metal-adhesive/. Let’s look at what metals are commonly used in…

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    The man who bought London Bridge to the USA

    Once there was desert. There was nothing there at all but snakes and heat. Then the Hoover Dam was built and this piece of Arizona desert sudden found itself in possession of a lake.  One entrepreneur R P Mculloch had a vision. Why not build a city here at Lake Havasu? This original idea might seem nuts but the next phase after the initial town buildings were added was even crazier. The city he felt needed an attraction and that attraction was going to be London Bridge. This was the same London Bridge that was falling down constantly and was being held up by a variety of unsuitable materials installed…

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    The Jam and the birth of the Modfather.

    In the late seventies a three-piece band formed in a secondary school in Woking burst onto the music scene. They were angry left-wing young men who had basically had enough of how the country was run. They were particularly annoyed when Margaret Thatcher came to power. They were punk or at least they were post punk, but they were also Mods. Confused? So were the listening public. Here was a band that had all the energy and vitriol of the Sex Pistols but with the musicality of Motown and the song writing skills of the protest poets but there was a charm there as well that Weller brought to the…

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    The Casino at Monte Carlo. Place your bets.

    If you ever get the chance, and it’s very unlikely that you will unless you’re paid a 5-figure salary or you’re some major/minor member of the European aristocracy, then a visit to the Casino de Monte Carlo might be for you and should not be declined. As you would expect it’s a pretty exclusive place apart from the fact it looks like it’s got two massive pineapples sticking out of it. Apart from that It’s a very nice bit of French Nineteenth Century architecture otherwise. You’ll see it ever year in a stunning piece of free advertising known as the Monaco Grand Prix. The track goes right past it and…

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    Maintenance tips for your display refrigeration

    A refrigerator has the task of keeping food cold, but a display refrigerator also has to attract customers by displaying the food in an attractive way. Sometimes it can be hard to balance these two requirements. Image Credit According to the UK Food Standards Agency, it is vital to keep certain foods at below 8°C to slow down bacterial growth; in addition, the coldest part of a refrigerator should be below 5°C. The function of a refrigerator can be improved if you don’t overfill it, enabling the air to circulate. This will help to maintain the temperature. Here are some other useful maintenance tips for your display refrigeration. Maintenance of…

  • Winter sports for beginners

    Winter sports for beginners

    When it’s winter outside, it’s not a reason to be sad and sit at home all day long. Especially this perspective does not suit active, purposeful people, for whom staying in one place is akin to extinction. For people who love active leisure, there are many winter sports. Each of them is interesting and special in its own way.

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    Everything you need to know about the FENSA certificate

    If you have never used a home improvement firm to replace your doors or windows, you may not have heard of FENSA; however, it is valuable to have some background into the scheme and its role, especially if you plan to have double glazing installed or replaced in your home at any point. Image Credit FENSA, which stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, is managed by the UK’s Glass & Glazing Federation. The scheme exists to regulate Britain’s double glazing industry and to flag up providers that are trustworthy. When you decide to get double glazing installed or replaced in your home, it is essential to choose a company that is…

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    When a Panda saved the whole of China

    If you haven’t heard of the film Kung Fu Panda you really need to start searching for it or see if someone else you know has a copy that you can borrow. It really is an incredible film to watch and is a great way to introduce young children into the world of Kung Fu. The characters are incredibly likeable and show the different aspects of Kung Fu and the ancient art through their personalities and training. The film as hailed a great success and was the culmination of four years’ worth of work. To make sure that the characters were drawn and moved like true Kung Fu heroes the…