Wok noodle recipes

4 Wok noodle recipes: fun, healthy and simple

The noodles, protagonists of your wok with these delicious dishes. We share 4 Wok noodle recipes you can make easily.

We have always had the belief that wok recipes should carry rice and vegetables, but the reality is that there are many different varieties that you can make with different ingredients as protagonists. In this case, our works will have noodles as their main ingredient, take note! We bring you 4 recipes to the wok with noodles of the most fun, healthy and simple.

Wok recipes with noodles

1. Wok of sweet and sour tagliatelle with chicken and soyWok noodle recipes


– 150 grams of noodles

– Half an onion

– Half zucchini

– One garlic clove

– A chicken breast

– Soy sauce and honey or teriyaki sauce

Step by Step

  • The first step you should always follow is cooking the noodles to taste, although it is recommended that they be al dente.
  • Then chop the chicken, onion, and zucchini into strips, and chop the garlic. Let’s go to the mess!
  • Put some olive oil in the wok and let it warm. Add garlic and vegetables little by little until golden brown.
  • Then add the seasoned chicken, and stir until everything is done in a few minutes.
  • Add the soy sauce (two teaspoons) and a little skin – or the teriyaki sauce – and mix well, then add the pasta and stir.

2. Wok of noodles with asparagus and pine nutsWok noodle recipes

Ingredients :

  • – 200 grams of noodles
  • – Wild asparagus
  • – Pinions
  • – A glass of Pedro Ximénez.

Step by Step

  • Start by cooking the noodles and, while they are done, wash and chop the longest or finest as you like them.
  • Then you must toast the pine nuts in a pan, and introduce a blender next to a glass of Pedro Ximénez and a salt pizza. Beat and save the resulting sauce.
  • Mix all the ingredients in the work. First, add the asparagus until they are golden, and then the pasta and the sauce that we have prepared. To decorate, you can add some whole pine nuts. Ready!

3. Bolognese noodle WokWok noodle recipes

Ingredients :

– 250 grams of noodles

– 190 grams of minced meat

– 1 glass Pedro Ximénez

– 400 grams of tomatoes

– One garlic clove

– A red pepper

– Half an onion

– 4 leaves of basil

– Two spoons of sugar

Step by Step

  • To prepare the tomato sauce cut the garlic into slices, chop the onion and red pepper, and add everything to a pan with olive oil . While porch, cut and peel the tomatoes and add them.
  • Let it be done for at least one hour. Of course, do not forget to remove it from time to time and, when ready, beat everything with some basil leaves.
  • Cook the noodles following the steps recommended by the manufacturer. When it is about to end, it goes directly to the work (it does not matter if a little waterfall from the cooking). Add a glass of Pedro Ximénez and let it reduce for 5 minutes
  • Pour the tomato sauce and put on high heat to add the minced meat and a handful of salt. Let it be done, and it will be ready to serve.

4. Wok of rice noodles with tofuWok noodle recipes


– 150 grams of tofu

– 35 ml. of vegetable or chicken broth

– Soy sauce

– 200 grams of rice noodles

– A chicken breast

– Half onion

– A carrot

– Sesame seeds

Step by Step

  • The first thing you should do is marinate the tofu, one or two hours before going to cook. To do this, put in a bowl the tofu cut into squares and pour the broth, a little spicy to taste, and soy sauce. Mix well and reserve for two hours.
  • Cut the breasts into strips, and the onion and carrot into julienne. Put the wok on medium heat with a teaspoon of oil, and pour the tofu to sauté for a few minutes. Then you will have to remove it.
  • Brown the vegetables and add the chicken. Meanwhile, in a saucepan, cook the noodles.
  • When you have everything ready incorporate it all in the wok. The noodles, the chicken, the vegetables and the tofu. Sauté well and, finally, incorporate the previously roasted sesame.

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