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5 tricks you need to know for your nails art in an easy way

In recent years, the theme of nails art design has gained importance. Trends have been imposed on how to paint them, how to give them, among others. It all started with the fashion of using each nail of different colors, nowadays wonders are created with the paintings. This has led to various techniques that create incredible results.

Many women are used to painting their nails in a single color. This is not bad, but there are many ways to give your manicure a style of its own in an easy, simple and economical way.

What do you need to decorate your nails art at home?

nails art

We tend to believe that a good manicure is only that with the one we left a beauty salon. However, in your own home, you can create beautiful designs and obtain a spectacular result for your nails. In addition to a lot of creativity, you will need the following implements:

1. Pencils

You can use pencils that are specially manufactured for nails art. Also, you can use regular pencils, pens or any other fine circular object. Also, you can make yours by nailing a rubber pin to the rubber band. This way you can make perfect moles to your manicure.

2. Liquid Latex

nails art

This product has become a boom in nails art decoration. It gives you the freedom to experiment with the paintings, without making a mess. The liquid latex is used to border the cuticle and the ends of the nail, avoiding the use of nail polish remover. It is widely used for designs with sponge or stamps.

3. Band-aids

These famous strips of colors are excellent when you want to make a geometric design. They are perfect to help you create defined lines and the famous French nail. And it is not necessary to withdraw it if you wish. An alternative to these bandages is to use adhesive tape or masking tape. It will help you, in the same way, to delimit well the area that you are going to paint and thus create fantastic geometric designs.

4. Fine brush

nails art

This tool is essential to create freehand designs on the nails. These brushes are already sold in stores, but you can do it from the brush of an enamel or any brush. What you should do is cut several strands until the center is thin. You also learn What blush choose according to the color of your skin.

5. Seal for nails

This is the miracle of nails art design. These nail seals allow expressing a variety of designs in an easy and comfortable way. Of course,   You need a little practice to use them correctly. Once you become proficient working with them, using them will save you a lot of time and several trips to the beauty salon.

Tips to create cool nails designs

nails art

Already having what it takes to create your designs, here are some tips that will help you to make this task even easier.

  • If you are one of those girls who love to use rhinestones on their nails, you can use a pencil to arrange the pebbles. You only need clear varnish or special glue. The pencil will allow you to apply them safely and locate them easily.
  • To create designs with stripes, you can use a brush of strong cedars to create the effect. The only thing you should do is wet the tip of the brush in the varnish and pass it over the nail. This will create a stripes effect in a very simple way.
  • If you like the watercolor effect, you can recreate it on your nails with the help of a straw or straw. You must wet it in the varnish and then blow over your nails, dropping the paint without any order. There will be a very attractive artistic effect.
  • To create the famous gradient designs, all you need is a sponge. Apply the varnishes of your preference on the sponge and then apply it to the nail. You can repeat once, if necessary.
  • To recreate the beautiful and delicate lace design, all you need is a piece of lace and white paint. Place the lace on the nail and apply the polish on top. You can do it with a brush or with a sponge. It will be delicate and effortless.
  • Place your hands in cold water or under the tap for a few minutes. This will make your polish dries much faster.

Now that you know everything you need to do a manicure at home, what do you expect to start creating your own nails art designs? Cheer up!

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