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Alternative Uses for Your Garage

We all know that a garage is intended for parking cars – but not everyone wants to use it for that! So what can you do to make your garage work for you? Here are a few ideas…

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Storage Area – A lot of people do store junk in their garage but why not create an organised storage area. Things that you don’t use daily, but you need to store – Christmas decorations, car cleaning equipment such as a jet washer – you could put up shelves to create more organisation and to make it easier to access everything. Remember, whatever you store in your garage, you need it to be secure – go to up and over Garage Doors Ltd for garage doors in Bath that will keep your stuff secure.

Playroom – Since lockdown, you may be wanting to create a place where your children can be a little more wild and free spirited – where you don’t have to always be listening to them! A garage is a great room to turn into a playroom – it is spacious and versatile enough to allow for plenty of storage and space, as well as being safe.

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Man Cave – Every mans dream is a man cave – why not make it a reality? Whether you want your own pub, the perfect entertainment room for watching sports, a home gym or a place to do all those hobbies that you don’t have room for in the house the garage is the perfect room for this use.

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