• Age when You Travel

    Considering Your Age when You Travel

    Before they need to retire, people look forward to traveling a lot but life is hardly one trip after another in retirement according to a survey of typical retirees. A female doctor from the University of California at Berkeley interviewed more than 700 retired people in San Antonio, Texas, who were representative of the retired population for that city. About a half of the group took a trip as often as once a year, 40 percent had not been out of town for more than three years, and some never traveled. 

  • Taking care of inside and outside to be radiant

    Taking care of inside and outside to be radiant

    The beauty treatments generally provide good results, both short-term and medium and long term, to provide exquisite care of the skin and help to avoid problems that arise over time, such as fight wrinkles. It is also important inside guard Because if there are a well-being and inner balance, will also be reflected in the outer beauty. Proof of this are the circles, Which indicate lack of sleep, or wrinkles that appear constant irritability. Learning to take care of inside and outside can be the best investment in beauty. How? A simple list explains some tips to get it. Self-esteem: the main thing is to feel beautiful, knowing that although…