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    Are Your Employees Losing Their Corporate Electronics?

    Are your employees costing you thousands of dollars each year? The employees of BBC are certainly wasting a lot of money in the form of lost and stolen electronics and the company is no exception. Depending on the reliability of your employees, you too may be seeing a number of electronics disappear in a puff of smoke. Not only can this cost your business money, but it could result in the loss of valuable data. About BBC Losses BBC employees have lost 750,000 pounds worth of electronics. At the time of this article, that’s over 1.14 million dollars. In just three years, 785 tablets, laptops, and mobile phones were either…

  • reducing hair loss after pregnancy
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    Tips for reducing hair loss after pregnancy

    The loss of hair is moderately normal. The hair is born, grows and dies and is replaced by a new hair to take its place. There are times that after these three stages, there is a new hair to replace the previous one, causing a progressive and even visible in some cases, loss of hair. The hair loss after pregnancy is common and is caused by hormonal changes that occur during this stage. Vitamins taken during pregnancy, allow the hair is in good condition, however, after this period and as a result of hormonal changes that occur, the hair is weakened, take 1 to 3 months until their condition becomes…