Care tips for your denim jeans

A good pair of denim jeans should outlive the rest of your wardrobe. To ensure this, it’s important to start by shopping for quality. Designer options will be made with higher-quality fabric, improved stitching and finished with better dyes than your average pair of high street jeans. With all this in mind, it’s important that you look after your investment to help cement their longevity. Follow these simple steps for denim care to keep your jeans looking fabulous for longer.

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The most important part of looking after jeans is how you wash you them – and how often. Despite a general tendency in modern society to think that cleaner is better, jeans should be laundered sparingly. Avoid washing after every wear; wash every couple of weeks instead. The less your jeans are washed, the longer the colour and fabric will last. To keep them fresher, avoid wearing your jeans on consecutive days. Allow them to air between wears. When you do wash your jeans, turn them inside out and button up the fly. Then, either hand wash or wash them in a 30-degree cycle.


Avoid the tumble dryer; it’s always better to dry jeans naturally. Take them out of the washer as soon as possible. The longer they sit there damp, the more wrinkled they will look the next time you wear them. It doesn’t matter whether you hang them inside or outside, but keep them out of the sun. Sunlight can fade that all-important finish.

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Once clean and dry, it is fine to fold jeans. It is also still perfectly acceptable to hang them in the wardrobe.

When to wear

Jeans are incredibly hard-wearing and most stains come out easily, but there’s no need to take any risks as spillages will mean extra laundering. Wear your high street jeans for muddy walks and children’s birthday parties and save your Farah jeans for that second date, a big night out or an important social event. If you do suffer a small spill or stain to your Farah jeans, try to spot clean with a damp cloth to avoid an unnecessary machine wash.

Keep the colour in your favourite jeans for longer by following these simple care tips. A good pair of designer jeans is an investment that should last years, if not decades, with the right care.

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