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    Understanding Your Skin Type

    Your skin is the largest organ in your body and requires care and attention to keep it in peak condition, healthy and looking great. Image Credit Cleansing and moisturising should be part of everyone’s daily routine. Protection from harmful UV rays is also important to prevent wrinkles and protect against sun damage. For glowing, healthy skin, it’s important to know your skin type category. Discovering which category your skin falls into will help you understand your skin type and how to give it the proper care it requires. There are four types of skin: dry, oily, normal and combination. Normal Skin Most people have normal skin, which means they have…

  • How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?
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    How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?

    Jeans are the favorite clothes of women, children, and men because they are perfectly combined with t-shirts, sweatshirts, moccasins, and pumps, suitable for any time of year. And if it so happened that your favorite jeans are washed, and you need to wear them right now, then the methods collected in our material will help you to quickly dry jeans. Have patience, towels and heating appliances

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    How Factories Can Successfully Introduce Cobots

    Technology and automation are an inevitable part of modern life and indeed a natural part of progress. But despite many scare stories to the contrary, much of the technology will work alongside rather than replace humans in the workforce. Enter the cobot! Image Credit So What Are Cobots? Cobot is a concatenation of ‘collaborative’ and ‘robot’. These are automatons/robots that are intended to physically interact and work alongside humans in a shared workspace. By 2025, collaborative robots are expected to make up over a third of all robot sales, at a value of approximately $4billion. If you are looking for someone to manufacture your rubber, plastic or silicone moulding, why…

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    Watch Out for These Office Trends

    Office design is big business; in this article we take a look at what’s on trend for 2019. Image Credit All Change Our workplaces are constantly evolving; you’d be hard-pressed to recall what they used to be like just a few short years ago, but it’s pretty safe to say that they are unrecognisable. Many office fit out companies work hard to ensure that our work spaces are positive places for both employees and visitors alike. The Third Space Dead spaces or areas in offices – otherwise known as the third space – were a real focus in 2018, and it looks as though the trend will continue in 2019.…

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    Six ways to accessorise a maxi dress

    The warm weather is coming, which means that the maxi dress is about to make a comeback. Feminine, floaty and flattering, this is a dress style that suits nearly every body shape – and there isn’t only one way to style your maxi dress. Image Credit Here are six ways to accessorise your maxi dress. Team with wedges You can team your maxi with a pair of heeled wedges if you have evening plans. This will make the dress seem more glamorous, but the wedges will be more comfortable than traditional heels. Image Credit Cinch the waist with a belt If you feel like your maxi dress isn’t very flattering…

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    Why is there a ‘pink tax’ in place?

    Many personal care items targeted at women carry a higher price tag than those aimed at men. This price difference is generally due to what is referred to as a gap due to gender, or the pink tax. Image Credit Should women pay more? Many people consider the pink tax a form of discrimination against women. Women are half the population and many of the items they use are very similar to those used by men. When it comes to items such as sanitary products, which are only used by women,this is a function of biology and making women pay more simply because they have female organs and hormones seems…

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    A Guide to Easy Chairs

    As furniture evolved, the focus became much more about comfort than just function. One of the most important factors when buying a chair is how it feels when we sit on it. Not all chairs are particularly comfortable, providing a function about all else but thankfully, there are also easy chairs which offer luxury and comfort for our homes. Here are some examples of the most popular types of easy chairs: An easy chair is defined as a chair made for relaxing, sitting or semi-reclining in a comforting posture. This is quite a wide interpretation, leaving a great deal of room for imagination over the design of such a chair.…

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    Keeping your home secure

    Whilst we would much rather spend time renovating and decorating our homes, it’s important to think about security before anything else. A beautiful home won’t feel welcoming and relaxing once you know a burglar has walked through it! So you can get back to the fun stuff and stay feeling secure, here are some tips for making your home safe: Think about doors More than a third of burglars are able to simply stroll right into a property. Inspect your exterior doors to see if the frames are still strong, the hinges are in good order and that any letterboxes don’t allow someone to reach in and unlock the door.…

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    Myths About Vaginas

    One of the most mysterious things in the world must be the vagina. There is so much misinformation, half-truths, complete fantasy and myths surrounding this reproductive organ. Half the people in the world have one and yet they remain such a taboo subject that many women are sadly lacking in the right information to talk about their parts and recognise potential problems. Here are some myths about vaginas: It’s just for having babies It seems a bizarre fact that most young girls learn that babies come from their vagina before they even understand what sex is. However, not everyone with a vagina wants a baby and not everyone who wants…