• best study apps

    7 best study apps for students of all grade

    Although in many classrooms teachers do not allow mobile phones because of the distraction they generate, at other times they can be the fundamental tool for a good review. The application developers have realized this and they have implemented initiatives that help the study. They serve from to have complete planning of the class schedules until to have a powerful calculator in your phone. Note down the best study apps and download your required one. 

  • snapchat
    Apps,  Social Media

    Seven snapchat tips and tricks be an expert

    With the 7 tricks, you will be able to perfect your Snapchat skills. Snapchat has become the social network media. With more than one hundred million active users every day, a figure that continues to rise. If you decided to download this application or you already have it. You do not know how it works, here are seven Snapchat tips and tricks that will make you an expert. 

  • Mobile Banking Apps

    How Safe Are Mobile Banking Apps?

    Did you know that according to the Payments Council of UK, currently there are 356 million mobile banking transactions around the world? And this data would rise to 1.5 billion transactions per year by 2020, the organisation said. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/10266623/Safety-fears-over-mobile-banking.html Throughout the world, mobile phones are used extensively to do banking related tasks. But is it safe? Through the mobile apps, banks allow different services and each of these tasks involve different levels of risks. For example, the “Text update” or “Notifications” facility whereby you receive notifications and updates has less risk as they do not connect directly to your account. However, services like login and transaction facilities pose grave risks…