• eye makeup with eyeliner 

    Five simple ways for eye makeup with eyeliner

    With these techniques, you can make your eyes look bigger or give them an effect of the most glamorous. When it comes to eye makeup with eyeliner, there are many techniques that will help you make your eyes look bigger or give them a perfect dramatic effect for the most glamorous parties.

  • nails art

    5 tricks you need to know for your nails art in an easy way

    In recent years, the theme of nails art design has gained importance. Trends have been imposed on how to paint them, how to give them, among others. It all started with the fashion of using each nail of different colors, nowadays wonders are created with the paintings. This has led to various techniques that create incredible results. Many women are used to painting their nails in a single color. This is not bad, but there are many ways to give your manicure a style of its own in an easy, simple and economical way.

  • Beauty

    SPA At Home: Create The Right Atmosphere

    The first thing to do before abandoning yourself to your do-it-yourself beauty rituals is to recreate the typical warm and relaxing atmosphere of the wellness centers in your own home. The magic formula to open the door that will lead you to the pleasures of relaxation is this: silence, perfumes and soft lights. For this reason, cell phone ringtones, unwelcome visits and any other element that may interrupt your personal moment are banned. At home, you have to be alone, as long as you do not want to share your beauty afternoon with your best friend. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan. Make sure you have everything you need…

  • Taking care of inside and outside to be radiant

    Taking care of inside and outside to be radiant

    The beauty treatments generally provide good results, both short-term and medium and long term, to provide exquisite care of the skin and help to avoid problems that arise over time, such as fight wrinkles. It is also important inside guard Because if there are a well-being and inner balance, will also be reflected in the outer beauty. Proof of this are the circles, Which indicate lack of sleep, or wrinkles that appear constant irritability. Learning to take care of inside and outside can be the best investment in beauty. How? A simple list explains some tips to get it. Self-esteem: the main thing is to feel beautiful, knowing that although…

  • know about the Orange Peel

    What to know about the Orange Peel

    The skin orange is subcutaneous fat that has accumulated between the fibers protruding connective tissue, Thus forming a network node, a quilted appearance that resembles the orange peelAnd this may be due to genetic causes, hormonal or age and usually accumulates in the area of the hips, Buttocks, and thighs. It may also be due to unhealthy habits, like poor nutrition, tight clothing, poor posture, and stress, among others. It is very important to practice exercise especially walk at least half an hour a day, as it will help keep your legs smooth and firm and reduce cellulite if it exists, the aerobics, as cycling, steep or tape andandora, help…

  • blush choose according to the color of your skin

    What blush choose according to the color of your skin

    In the market cosmetics, we will find different types of blusher also come in different forms, from powder, gel, foam or mousse. The best known of all is the rouge powder, is ideal for people with mixed or oily skin, it is not very good for those with dry skin. The application is by brush, is simple and you can give a nice color to your face, both summer and winter. The cream blush is ideal for women with dry skin, The downside is that it brings much brightness.