• What is Dukkah
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    What is Dukkah, What is It Used for and How is It Prepared?

    Some time ago, we traveled to Egypt to discover a very special spice mixture. We walked for two days spice markets and shops looking for what they call dukkah (or duqqa), grind or crush in Arabic. It seemed unlikely to get it this way; as the locals informed us, the Egyptian dukkah is rarely mixed and marketed in stores in Egypt. We had to go to the home of a family in the area to know and taste this seasoning wrapped in mystery.

  • Sediment In The Urine During Pregnancy: Cause And Effect

    Sediment In The Urine During Pregnancy: Cause And Effect

    One of the main diagnostic criteria for pregnancy is the analysis in the urine. The slightest deviation of indicators from the norm may indicate the health problems of the expectant mother, requiring more detailed diagnosis and prompt treatment. What does the appearance of turbidity and sediment in the urine of a pregnant woman? What measures to take to get rid of the pathology and prevent the occurrence of more serious problems? A small medical education program will help to understand the causes and consequences of such a deviation.

  • How to eliminate negativity
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    How to eliminate negativity? 5 simple tips to calm your mind

    It is quite easy to allow our mind to work on automatic pilot every second we stay awake. It is also quite easy to concentrate on all the negativity of the world. Here, we will discover how to eliminate negativity. All we have to do is look at the news at night, read the newspaper or open any news website that is our favorite. But what most people do not realize is that this kind of negativity is actually draining our vital energy in addition to impacting our mood in a very real way.

  • Onycholysis: Causes And Treatment

    Onycholysis: Causes And Treatment

    Onycholysis is a common disease affecting the nails. Characterized by the splitting of the nail plate, the formation of voids under it. The tip of the nail often takes the form of a crescent, changes color to blue-white, yellow or brown. What to do and how to cure the disease at home? Is it possible to quickly get rid of the unpleasant “hood” on the nails?

  • 6 Benefits of Fitness, Advantages for your body and mind

    6 Benefits of Fitness, Advantages for your body and mind

    Nowadays the word “fitness” may seem like a fad since we usually listen to it or read it almost daily. However, we must think of this state of our health as something beyond, especially when we want to start worrying about our body and mind. Therefore, today we want to offer you some of the benefits of fitness so that you can make the final decision and start the exercise routine and diet that leads you to enjoy an adequate state of health. Here are some 6 benefits of fitness, advantages for your body and mind.

  • The 8 foods richest in folic acid

    The 8 foods richest in folic acid

    The 8 foods richest in folic acid. A varied diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, whole foods and legumes provide a good dose of vitamin B9. Necessary for the proper functioning of the defenses and the nervous system, vitamin B9, better known as folic acid, should not be lacking in a healthy and balanced diet.

  • The benefits of plant charcoal to relieve abdominal swelling

    The benefits of plant charcoal to relieve abdominal swelling

    The benefits of plant charcoal to relieve abdominal swelling. The charcoal also is known as “activated charcoal” or “activated carbon”. It is a natural substance obtained from the combustion of the timber with particular combustion conducted at high temperatures. And in the absence of oxygen. Its “activation” is then carried out by means of a second heating process in the presence of air to give the powder the characteristic porosity, responsible for the therapeutic properties. We find out why vegetable carbon is so effective on abdominal swelling.