• What is Dukkah
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    What is Dukkah, What is It Used for and How is It Prepared?

    Some time ago, we traveled to Egypt to discover a very special spice mixture. We walked for two days spice markets and shops looking for what they call dukkah (or duqqa), grind or crush in Arabic. It seemed unlikely to get it this way; as the locals informed us, the Egyptian dukkah is rarely mixed and marketed in stores in Egypt. We had to go to the home of a family in the area to know and taste this seasoning wrapped in mystery.

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    Mango Chia Pudding With Coconut Milk

    For those who adhere to the principles of healthy eating, chia-pudding will be the best option for a wholesome, yet healthy breakfast. This tasty dish in the morning will charge the body with a mass of nutrients and energy for the whole day. Today we will try to figure out what the uniqueness of the recently popular mango chia pudding lies in and learn how to prepare different versions of this useful delicacy.

  • Homemade energy bar recipes

    Homemade energy bar recipes for runners and athletes

    Would you like to make a homemade energy bar? Are you looking for a healthy and full of energy food for your running training? If you are looking for a simple recipe to prepare your own cereal bars to pay close attention to this post. Next, we are going to give you a very easy homemade energy bar recipes so you can make your own energetic snack.

  • electrolyte drink recipe

    Homemade electrolyte drink recipe (Natural ingredients)

    Would you like to prepare your own homemade electrolyte drink? Are you looking for an alternative to Isostar, Aquarius or Gatorade? Do you want to know the recipe for a healthy and cheap electrolyte drink? In here, we explain step by step how to prepare your own electrolyte refreshment, so that you never lack hydration in your running training. In addition, it is very good it is very easy to elaborate.


    Pumpkin cream, healthy and delicious

    Pumpkin cream, healthy and delicious recipe. As much as we like to innovate and create modern and original recipes, traditional dishes cannot be left aside. And is that a good pumpkin cream is essential in our healthy diet. Do not forget to integrate the recommended daily ration of fruits and vegetables. These are very necessary to promote our health and help our body function properly.



    Quinoa protein salad recipe. Salads can be made from many foods, beyond vegetables. And, above all, beyond the lettuce. They seem uncommon, but the salads of cereals or legumes are a perfect option to eat nutritiously and stay satiated. This time we teach you how to make a simple recipe of protein salad with quinoa and your favorite vegetables.

  • Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar

    Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar

    Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar. But only with strawberries, apricots, and apples. And with a touch of ginger or cinnamon (photo). A single contraindication for those who prepare jams without sweeteners: they should be consumed early. They last less. The cooking is always the same: about 40 minutes. With strawberries, add carrots and lemon.

  • Cauliflower pancakes with onions

    Cauliflower pancakes with onions

    Cauliflower pancakes with onions: the recipe, without eggs, for a colorful and tasty second course. Perfect if accompanied with vegetables, cauliflower pancakes with baby onions prepared without using eggs, are a second course rich in taste and quick to prepare.