• Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar

    Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar

    Fruit jam, the old recipes without sugar. But only with strawberries, apricots, and apples. And with a touch of ginger or cinnamon (photo). A single contraindication for those who prepare jams without sweeteners: they should be consumed early. They last less. The cooking is always the same: about 40 minutes. With strawberries, add carrots and lemon.

  • Cauliflower pancakes with onions

    Cauliflower pancakes with onions

    Cauliflower pancakes with onions: the recipe, without eggs, for a colorful and tasty second course. Perfect if accompanied with vegetables, cauliflower pancakes with baby onions prepared without using eggs, are a second course rich in taste and quick to prepare.

  • What are the benefits of matcha tea consumption
    Health,  Recipe

    What are the benefits of matcha tea consumption

    What are the benefits of matcha tea consumption?  Tea consumption has skyrocketed in recent years, with green tea being one of the most demanded its beneficial properties for fat loss. Matcha tea is included in the green powder range and has numerous health benefits. There are people who consume it in infusion, while others incorporate it into cocktails or pastries.

  • Wok noodle recipes

    4 Wok noodle recipes: fun, healthy and simple

    The noodles, protagonists of your wok with these delicious dishes. We share 4 Wok noodle recipes you can make easily. We have always had the belief that wok recipes should carry rice and vegetables, but the reality is that there are many different varieties that you can make with different ingredients as protagonists. In this case, our works will have noodles as their main ingredient, take note! We bring you 4 recipes to the wok with noodles of the most fun, healthy and simple. Wok recipes with noodles 1. Wok of sweet and sour tagliatelle with chicken and soy Ingredients: – 150 grams of noodles – Half an onion – Half…

  • 5 delicious low-calorie desserts
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    5 delicious low-calorie desserts

    5 delicious low-calorie desserts. Desserts are something optional in our healthy meals, but nobody really bitters a sweet. When we immerse ourselves in a process of weight loss, there are people who think that they have to stop eating what they like most; and that causes loss of motivation and mental suffering. To avoid stagnation in weight loss, it would be good to introduce healthy and low-calorie recipes of our favorite desserts.

  •  How to make Banana pancakes

     How to make Banana pancakes

    How to make Banana Pancakes. Do you think sweet breakfast is not compatible with eating well? I’m here to prove you’re wrong. Eating healthy has many positive things, but mainly teaches you the amount of food that exists and the infinity of dishes that can be made. Do you dream of getting up and preparing pancakes? So, I recommend you do not miss this version with banana.