• Technology

    IT In The World Of The Cloud: Adaptation

    With the rise of cloud computing, some IT professionals are worried that businesses will no longer need their skills and services. In reality, the opposite is true. Small businesses, that may be relying on the cloud vendor for all technical support, are less likely in the first place to have a dedicated, full-time IT team for storage server maintenance and data management. Mid- to large-sized businesses, that tend to have an IT department, will not change course. Instead, they will leverage their IT resources to grow. If you’re in IT, learn to love the cloud for the freedom and flexibility it’s poised to deliver. Benefits of the Cloud for IT If a company still…

  • Business Running on Mobile

    Keeping your Business Running on Mobile

    How often have you been in a meeting and seen someone pull out their smartphone or tablet and start making notes, sending emails or conducting online research? Probably a fair few. The technological advances offered by apps and cloud computing mean that the playing field is becoming more even. SMEs and entrepreneurs can interact with other businesses of any size, at a national or international level – but without the price tag incurred by major corporations. Mobiles offer the freedom to deal with whomever you want, whenever you want and from wherever you are. But could you seriously run your entire business from a mobile device? Running on the Run The…

  • Evolution of Cyberspace

    The Evolution of Cyberspace

    Taking into consideration the size of the Internet nowadays, there is a new study which showed that only the surface information from the Web’s massive reservoir is reached by sophisticated search engines. According to a 41 page research paper done by a South Dakota company responsible for developing a new Internet software, the Web is 500 times larger than what search engines like Yahoo, Google dot com, and AltaVista are presenting. The reason why much frustration is being caused by these hidden information coves is because they hinder people from getting what they need online. Many people complain about the weather and today just as much are complaining about the…