• Honeymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs

    Honeymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs

    Honeymoon in Madagascar: phrases of love at sunset among the baobabs. Have you ever thought about making baobab wedding place cards? If you would like to make a reference to your upcoming honeymoon on an incredible African island. This would be a perfect symbol … one of many. Yes, because if you could describe Madagascar in two words, these would be diversity. And exclusivity and soon we will explain why. Are you wondering where this fascinating and remote place is? Well, it is a huge island washed by the Indian Ocean, not far from the south-eastern part of the African continent. But more importantly could be the ideal destination for…



    The best tips for traveling alone. Traveling alone? Why Not? Here are the best tips to follow if you want to take a trip alone or alone according to sociccosa guest house. There are things that can only be learned after traveling for a long time by yourself. For this reason, we have collected the advice of friends, relatives, and guests on traveling alone and we have put them in black and white in this article. If you are planning a trip alone or alone, keep reading, they will make your trip more enjoyable!

  • cheapest places to travel

    5 Cheapest places to travel for your next vacation

    When we think of cheapest places to travel, the idea of ​​luxurious and expensive hotels and resorts makes us doubt. But it really does not have to be that way. This list of cheap exotic destinations will give you a good idea of ​​where you can plan your next vacation. Finding cheap places to travel is easier than ever. Affordable trips to exotic destinations around the world are achieved by being attentive to offers. If you’re thinking about how much to save this year, you’ll be surprised by the places you can travel while spending very little. The content of the summery: Tips for finding the cheapest places to travel…

  • The Most Unusual Museums In The World

    The Most Unusual Museums In The World

    All the museums of the world cannot be counted; We chose only the most unusual museums. Read about the Museum of Lies, the Museum of Torture, the Butterfly Museum and others in this article! Picturesque canvases and sculptures of ancient masters are classic exhibits of standard museums. But there are places in the world where you can admire absolutely non-artistic and even strange objects and works of art. And often trips to such galleries are more exciting than regular tours of the Louvre, the Hermitage and the Prado.

  • unforgettable trips

    The three unforgettable trips and moments of my traveling life

    This week, doing a bit of cleaning at home, I came across a photo album of my first trip to Egypt, and I was thrilled. Not for having found a similar relic (although it would not be a bad motive either). I was thrilled to turn the pages and find, in each photograph, a girl more smiling than in the previous one. Consider the age when you travel. In this article, I am going to tell my three unforgettable trips and moments.

  • Travel Gadgets

    Latest Travel Gadgets for Youngsters

    We have all had to travel at one point or another to near and even far places with children. These youngsters are so much fun to have around until they start acting all naughty and stubborn on you It gets worse if you are traveling and have no idea how to handle them but thanks to new technology and innovations, here are a few tips on latest gadgets that will ease the burden on you; -MP3 Player They say music is a powerful tool and children do love music. Well, the iPod touch just redefined the whole concept with its new interactive features. First, it is able to shoot HD…

  • Age when You Travel

    Considering Your Age when You Travel

    Before they need to retire, people look forward to traveling a lot but life is hardly one trip after another in retirement according to a survey of typical retirees. A female doctor from the University of California at Berkeley interviewed more than 700 retired people in San Antonio, Texas, who were representative of the retired population for that city. About a half of the group took a trip as often as once a year, 40 percent had not been out of town for more than three years, and some never traveled. 

  • international trips

    The reality of international trips

    A good source of information for when you plan a vacation abroad is your travel agent. It would be easy to forget about the important information when the agent goes on a rampage and gets you all excited for your trip. Advantageous for those traveling for the first time and those on a tight budget are ideas on how to get by in a new place. Once you exit the airport you may observe the group of cars lined up presenting you with a ride to your hotel. The cars can potentially charge you more than the regular price so do not give in to them. A good choice is…