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Don Johnson (December 15, 1949) actor, singer, producer and director. He was born in Flat Creek, Missouri, United States. His birth name is Donald Wayne Johnson. He is popular for playing the role of Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice (series that lasted five seasons), also received a Golden Globe. Johnson has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He recently joined the HBO series, Watchmen. He studied at the University of Kansas.

Earlier life of Don johnson

In 1985 he was part of the mini series, The long hot summer worked alongside actors such as Jason Robards, Cybill Shepherd, Judith Ivey, and Ava Gardner. In the 1990s, he was chosen as the protagonist of the Nash Bridges series. This was a dramatic series that aired on CBS from March 29, 1996, until May 4, 2001. Johnson brought Nash Bridges to life.

Before gaining fame in this series, he was part of productions, such as: In Search of Honor, Born Yesterday, directed by Luis Mandoki, The Devil’s Advocate, A Place called Paradise (1991), Harley Davison & The Marlboro Man, by Simon Wincer, Burning lips, Sweethearts dance, by director Robert Greenwald, A boy and his dog (1975) and The Harrad Experiment.

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During his career, he also got on the path of music. He recorded two albums: Heartbeat (1986) and Let It Roll (1989) with Bruce Kulick, a member of the Kiss band.

don johnson in miami vice

Recent Productions:

  1. Cold in July by Jim Mickle
  2. From Dusk till Dawn: The Robert Rodriguez Series
  3. Django Unchained
  4. Bucky Larson: Born To Be a Star directed by Tom Brady
  5. Machete
  6. Moondance Alexander, by Michael Damian

In November 2019, KNIVES OUT, an American thriller directed by Rian Johnson, was released. In this act:

  • Chris Evans
  • Ana de Armas
  • Daniel Craig
  • Katherine Langford
  • Meg Thrombey
  • Jaeden Martell


He won a Saturn Awards in 1974 in the Best Actor category for his performance in A Boy and his Dog. Johnson plays Vic. In 1986 he won a Golden Globe in the category Best TV Series Actor for Miami Vice. His character was Sonny Crockett. Subsequently, he won recognition in the APBA Offshore World Cup.

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Personal life

He married twice. His first marriage was with Melanie Griffith, with whom he has a daughter named Dakota Johnson (the protagonist of Fifty Shades of Gray). Both were separated by problems with alcohol. He subsequently had a relationship with actress Patti D’Arvanville, with whom he had a son: Jesse. Then he related romantically with Barbra Streisand. Both worked on the song Till I Loved You. In 1999 he remarried Kelly Phleger, with whom he has three children. On December 15, 2019, he celebrated his 70th birthday. His life has been marked by chaos. When he was young, he stole cars with his friends and went to prison at age 12. He was also very close to drugs and alcohol. However, he managed to get out of that world on time, although he had to undergo a detoxification process.

Don johnson net worth

Miami Vice actor Don Johnson is 70 years old rich actor and film producer. According to Forbes, Don johnson’s net worth is about 40 to 42 million US dollars. His main income source is acting and writing songs.

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