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Eight Advantages of Silicone Hose

The use of a silicone hose has many advantages – from everyday use such as heating, transference of substances, vehicular parts, and more to commercial or specialised uses. This material provides effective durability and flexibility, allowing it to protect materials and adapt to certain situations.

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Silicone is very malleable and can be bent or flexed into a certain shape and around particular parts. Not only is it possible to shape silicone hoses as required, but it also remains flexible for the duration of use – unlike rubber, which can become brittle over time.

High Resistance

When being used in situations involving extremely high or low temperatures, silicone is a reliable material. It can withstand temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius and can even survive up to 180 degrees Celsius. Silicone is also more resistant to chemicals (e.g. coolants in the car).

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Aesthetically Pleasing

Silicone hoses are much better looking than a rubber hose, as they have that glossy, shining finish. It is a more professional look, and a silicone hose manufacturer like can produce them in a large variety of colours – great for decoration when hoses are in view, such as in the workplace or in shop fronts. Silicone hoses can provide ornamentation for car engines too.

Long Life Cycle

Silicone is incredibly durable and can be expected to last for years, even under demanding conditions. While rubber hoses would suffer heat ageing damage, silicone is much more resistant to this common issue (e.g. in the average car engine). Rather than becoming hardened and cracking, silicone withstands this stress and can survive for years.

Weather Resistance

When it comes to difficult weather conditions, such as persistent rain, damp, strong winds, humidity or heat, silicone hoses are the most reliable. They can overcome weather issues better than rubber hoses might.

Effortless Installation

Silicone can allow installation jobs to be completed quicker. If you are removing a silicone hose from a heated area, such as a radiator, the material comes away much easier.

Vibration and Loud Noise

The make-up of silicone means that it can absorb the effects of loud noise and hard vibrations, such as in a car engine. It can provide a barrier that can contain noise, and it will reduce the effects of vibrating surfaces.

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