Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth
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Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

The birth of a baby is the happiest period in the life of each couple, capable of fundamentally turning the whole family life, outlook on life and even attitude to each other. Making this moment truly unforgettable, not only for the newly-made mother but also for the father of the child, will help partner childbirth – the process by which the husband is directly involved in the appearance of the baby.

Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

A man in a childbirth partnership: a tribute to fashion or a vital necessity?

Fortunately, the times when the delivery took place exclusively behind a closed door under the supervision of a whole group of specially trained women, whose medical knowledge was highly dubious, were far in the past. Over the past decades, partner childbirth has become increasingly popular. And this happens not only because girls listen to the advice of girlfriends who have taken a husband by their birth.

The reasons that make partner delivery the most appropriate option may be the whole mass:

  1. The insecurity of a pregnant woman in the competence and attentiveness of the staff, which can lead to irreversible consequences. The husband, who is present in the delivery room, plays the role of a kind of insurance that guarantees the provision of timely medical care to the mother.
  2. It has been proven that it is much easier for women to endure even the strongest contractions if the beloved husband is near. Providing for the most part only moral support, he helps a woman in labor to endure pain.
  3. Just seeing the process of the appearance of the baby, a man will be able to truly find out how difficult and painful it is. This understanding will make him more careful with both the baby and his mother. As a rule, after partner deliveries, husbands more often help their wives upon arrival from the maternity hospital.

Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

In addition to psychological rapprochement, the presence of her husband will greatly facilitate the whole process of delivery: he will be able to soberly assess the whole situation (a woman groaning with pain is unlikely to be able to), help her move around the hall, if necessary, accompany her to the toilet or shower.

Possible risks at partner childbirth

In addition to indisputable advantages, partner childbirth may have disadvantages. If a man does not have a strong psyche, a healthy nervous system or is afraid of blood, it is better not to see the birth of a baby. Otherwise, the staff of the delivery room will need to assist not the woman in labor, but her partner.

Some women stubbornly believe that the husband, who saw the whole process with his own eyes, will lose sexual interest in his chosen one. Such an opinion takes place only in a situation where between the partners there is already a rejection, mistrust, and misunderstanding. Only, in this case, the delivery in the presence of the husband can lead to the aggravation of problems in the relationship.

Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

How to prepare for the upcoming event?

Future mothers should know that it is necessary to prepare the husband for partner childbirth as carefully as collecting the bag with things in the maternity ward. And it will have to do in advance. Ideally, 2-3 months before the date set by the doctors.

First of all, a pregnant woman should warn her gynecologist about the need to have a partner. This may affect the choice of the clinic in which the baby will appear. Unfortunately, in some maternity hospitals still do not practice partner childbirth. Therefore, you must make sure that you can give birth to your husband in advance.

After a positive response from the doctor, you must begin to collect a minimum set of documents. Each hospital has its own rules in this regard. At best, a man will need to submit a fluorography made no later than 5-6 months before the appointed date of delivery, as well as a pre-written statement of the pregnant woman regarding partnership births, signed by the head doctor.

In addition, sometimes for admitting a partner to the maternity ward, analyzes may be necessary to confirm the absence of:

  • HIV;
  • syphilis;
  • hepatitis A;
  • staphylococcus;
  • Viral infections.

In some maternity hospitals require the most complete package of documents confirming that given to the birth partner is almost sterile. In this case, pregnant women need to know that the preparation of the results of some tests can take up to 3 weeks, so they should be taken as soon as possible.

Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

What do you need to prepare?

In addition to a package of documents, a man must understand that he, like his wife, must come to the hospital with things. After all, you can stay there not for a couple of hours, but for the whole day. And with the most unfavorable scenario (in the case of an emergency cesarean) – for a week.

Immediately before the birth partner must prepare:

  • several liters of water and food suitable for storage at room temperature;
  • a set of clothes, including a sterile dressing gown and a cap;
  • Washable shoes (rubber flip-flops or shoe covers).

In connection with the high risk of unforeseen situations, the husband must take the objects used by him in everyday life. Usually, this list includes a phone charger, a toothbrush, a comb, and an individual towel. If necessary, you can add to the list massager for the parturient, a player with calm music, etc.

Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

The rules of preparation for men

Women expecting the birth of a baby should be aware that men can be extremely emotional and receptive. Even seemingly strong, confident and callous, they may simply not be able to endure the upcoming, extremely heavy spectacle. To give birth without incidents, the partner must be prepared in advance.

In no case cannot force or persuade her husband to attend in the maternity ward. Such a tandem does not in any way facilitate the process of delivery for a woman. The decision to attend childbirth should be made exclusively by a man. A woman only needs to push him by making an offer.

When the decision is made, you can begin to prepare. It consists in accurately informing the husband about all the stages and nuances of the upcoming event. To do this, you need to watch a documentary video or sign up for partnership courses designed to prepare future parents.

Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

The partner needs to know and is prepared for the fact that during the birth process:

  1. He will see the woman’s amniotic fluid flow away. Normally, they should be transparent, but in the presence of the slightest deviations of water become turbid, they may contain bloody streaks.
  2. If the water does not depart, the specialists will need to make the woman in the puncture, violating the integrity of the bubble in which the child is located. Since the manipulation is carried out manually, it is important for the partner to make sure that everything is done very carefully.
  3. Attempts can last several hours. At the same time, their strength will regularly increase, and in the end – will reach the indicators that no man is able to survive.
  4. Throughout the prenatal period, the partner should wear water to the woman in her life, stroke it, massage it, hold her hand, and even blow if she feels that there is not enough air around.
  5. The partner needs to understand that the woman he loves will blush, sweat, and scream (maybe even at him). In this case, he should not ask too many questions and in no case reproach the future mother.

Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

Among other things, a man should realize that even with a favorable course of pregnancy unforeseen situations may arise. In the case of an emergency cesarean, he will need to replace the mother for some time. To do this, you must attach the child to the belly of the father (for the implementation of natural skin contact with the skin). You may have to express the milk and bottle feed the newborn.

Often there are situations when a partner has to leave the maternity ward, going in search of those who are absent in the clinic, but essential for giving birth to medicines. In some cases, young dads are forced to look for drugs in pharmacies late at night.

But the main thing that a man must understand if he wants to be present at a partner childbirth is that his main task is to help. In no case should he respond with rudeness to the reproaches of a giving birth woman, because all that she can understand in this difficult moment is the unquestioning guilt of her partner that she has to suffer unbearable pain? A man in labor cannot show weakness and panic. The harder and more confident he will behave, the calmer will feel his woman.

The result of a joint stay

Psychologists are unanimous in saying that all fathers present at birth give a persistent feeling that they themselves have given birth to this child – the feelings of men for their beloved woman are so strong. And partner childbirth is the surest way to turn mums with a newborn into a strong trio with dad.

Everything You Need To Know About Partner Childbirth

Future parents need to know that giving birth is an inevitable moment that you just have to go through. But then their whole life will delight their little happiness!

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