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How Does the Fax Number Lookup Work on Mobile

Surely with mobiles that send messages with images and videos instantly or with the digital signature of documents, you think the fax number lookup is completely out of date and we need not use it. But nothing is further from reality. The Fax is still valid and most times. It is a good way to record something beyond what we could leave with a simple email or instant message. And yes, our mobile phone can send faxes too. We need to install a specific app for this shipment.

Fax number lookup on mobile

Well, it is an app. It is called FAX.PLUS which allows us to enjoy sending these documents, also to different countries. So if for work or whatever reason you need to send facts promptly, you need not buy a machine that sends them or have a telephone line to do so. Since this app can generate a virtual telephone number for the Fax. It allows us to send and receive this content through the application.

fax number lookup

Faxing is the same as scanning a page

Although the download of the app is free, this service has a cost. Although to prove it, we have the possibility of making several shipments without cost. The first ten pages we send are free. Therefore, it is a good way to test the operation of this app. It allows us to send faxes from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world. Besides preparing the document we will send through the Fax is simple, because we can do it in the same way that we would send an image through any mobile app.

Just take a photo with the camera of the mobile to the document in question. Crop the image with the tool built into the app. Once we have the document ready, we enter the shipping phone and wait for the magic to occur. Before using the app, register and create a virtual fax number that will be the one that we will operate in this app from now on. Therefore, and as you can see, this application makes sending faxes, something very simple in the 21st century. Get help for the fax number lookup.

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