how to be happy alone without friends

How to Be Happy Alone Without Friends

There are certain situations in life in which we feel lonelier, and we think we have run out of friends. Sometimes, it’s real and we don’t have anyone around us, other times, we feel so bad about ourselves that we think nobody wants to be with us. Running out of friends can be a laborious process, but reflecting on this issue can be a good solution to follow our path.

How to be happy alone without friends?

We want to make you see that one can be happy when one has run out of friends. Especially in those cases in which the people we had around us were not as sincere and honest as they seemed. This is the case of the toxic people that roam around us, and the sooner we move away or separate from them, the better.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be your fault

One of the most painful issues that can arise when we see ourselves without friends is to blame ourselves. Among the psychological consequences of running out of friends we undoubtedly find ourselves with low self-esteem and as a cause, we think that it is we who have caused this situation directly, and this makes us feel weak and sad. So no, it is important to keep in mind that running out of friends does not have to be our fault exclusively, precisely because of what we were commenting on previous lines, but because maybe those we thought friends really were not.

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In some cases, a strong character or an attitude marked by self-centeredness can be a cause of losing friends, and although this happens, it is not usually the main reason that has led us to find ourselves in this situation. It is important that you know that over time you can connect with people and make friends and establish specialities with these people.

Another issue that haunts us is the departure of a group of friends or the break with one of them. It is a fact that can be as much or more painful than the loss of a partner, but blaming ourselves will solve nothing. It costs, but it is necessary to accept that people come and go from the life of each one of us, and although this hurts, accepting it and moving forward will be the only way.

We may have been partly to blame. We may have emerged from a toxic relationship. Sometimes life is defining our path and along with it, we will meet people who add and people who remain. Each person lives their times and their times and maybe in a friendship relationship, everyone is going through a different time. This is what makes us see that perhaps it is not what we want or what we are looking for, so we may feel without friends when the time comes.

Age and time

And if conflicts with friends are common, it is more common to let go of who you consider an inseparable partner, by the simple passage of time. You no longer live so close or you don’t have that vitality that made you spend so much time on the street. Work, family and stress are your only routine today and seeing a friend becomes a more and more impossible task. And, there is no one who is free from what age and time can impair friendship or make you see that things were not as you thought. If we stop to reflect, sometimes we must learn to let go and that everything flows to move forward.

If you really value a friendship, if you connect with someone, don’t let fatigue break that relationship. It is clear that with friends, you have to be comfortable, but making certain efforts can also help you maintain a friendship that makes you happy. Don’t lose it because of laziness.

Be happy without friends

Although it is true that whoever has a friend has a treasure, this statement only refers to real friends, not interested people who can flutter by your side. In toxic relationships, it is better to let it be and find itself again. Because you can be perfectly happy without friends, do not think otherwise.

If you are reading this because suddenly you have seen yourself alone and without friends to hang out with, do not worry, because there are hundreds of activities you can do on your own. The important thing is that you take care of yourself and that you respect yourself because only then will you enjoy your company and when we enjoy our time for ourselves, we enjoy the rest of things from another perspective, which can be very pleasant.

If you do not know what to do and you need ideas, we suggest that you sign up for singles excursions, places of language exchanges or even that you start some training, which besides performing you allow you to meet people with whom you can connect. And, being happy without friends does not mean that you have to be isolated from social relationships.

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