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How to Build a Grill With Lava Rocks

When summer arrives, there is no better thing than to organize outdoor grilling: it almost seems that sausages, hamburgers, fish and steaks are waiting for nothing else to be cooked on a hot lava stone plate, so as to preserve their taste and enhanced the flavor. We also say that cooking is free of fats, with familiar aromas and smells, like those of the past. The barbecue, among other things, offers the possibility of having a comfortable stove for outdoor cooking. In the following steps, you will find the right indications on how to build a grill with lava rocks.

Steps to build a grill with lava rocks

There are different models on the market and some, in addition to having the grill for cooking, is flanked by a comfortable stove to cook other foods (such as tasty spaghetti). Special compartment below and by means of a tube, it is connected to a flame. The flame is quite wide and covers the entire housing compartment. The whole is then covered with elegant lava stones.

You will need:

  • Lava stones
  • Drill
  • Metal clamp
  • Hacksaw
  • 3 “L” shaped straffe

grill with lava rocks

Evaluate the mounting surface

For the construction of a lava stone barbecue, you must first prepare an initial project that can then help you in the actual construction. In this phase, it will be essential to decide the place where to place the barbecue, i.e. in the garden, on the terrace or in any other place of your liking, provided of course outdoors and, for your convenience, near the kitchen. It will also be appropriate to evaluate the type of space available and also the surface on which the barbecue will be mounted (if, for example, on the lawn or on concrete).

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Decide on the color of the stone

In the context of these initial decisions of great importance, it will also be necessary to choose the color of the lava stone to be mounted. The advice is to always opt for a stone with a uniform color, to be combined with an equally well-mixed mortar from the chromatic point of view. Therefore, even the mortar will have to be of a light color, in order to avoid any type of inhomogeneity. Once these important evaluations have been carried out, it will be possible to move on to the preparation of the works.

Drill a hole in the center of the structure

To make a lava stone barbecue it is necessary to drill a hole in the center of the barbecue with the aid of a drill (it must be large enough to pass the gas connector of the stove, leaving the tube connector protruding below ); then fix the gas pipe to the height necessary to reach the upper edge of the brazier with the flame (use a metal clamp).

Assemble the lava stone shelf

Then use a hacksaw and remove one of the two side covers of the barbecue pan. At this point, assemble the lava stone shelf (pay particular attention while handling it, as it is very fragile). Place the table on the barbecue and fix it with three “L” brackets (one on each side, minus the open one). It is also possible to purchase two 15 cm long metal brackets: fold them up to form two hooks and screw them to the body of the barbecue, to keep the shelf in position and to allow easy removal.

Check the consistency of the flame

Finally remember that the lava stone performs an important function: the heat given off by the flame heats the stone which creates a burning space under the grill that allows you to cook the meat as if it were on charcoal. The advantage lies in the fact that, while the charcoal requires rather long ignition times (therefore it is necessary to wait before starting to cook the food), the lava stones are hot enough to be able to start grilling the dishes immediately.

Lava stone has a rather irregular shape and once heated it releases a high degree of heat, which is also retained for a long time. The stones must be arranged in such a way as to cover the entire flame spreader, while the power of the flame will also regulate the degree of heat of the stones themselves.

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