How to eliminate negativity
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How to eliminate negativity? 5 simple tips to calm your mind

It is quite easy to allow our mind to work on automatic pilot every second we stay awake. It is also quite easy to concentrate on all the negativity of the world. Here, we will discover how to eliminate negativity. All we have to do is look at the news at night, read the newspaper or open any news website that is our favorite. But what most people do not realize is that this kind of negativity is actually draining our vital energy in addition to impacting our mood in a very real way.

How to eliminate negativity?

Relaxing the mind and concentrating on the good of the universe is the key to attract more positivity to our lives.

How to eliminate negativity

1. Look at something with curiosity

The next time you feel stressed, pause for a few minutes and choose something that is around you. Let’s say that is for example the remote control of television. Analyze every inch of that remote control. Look at the different colors, see how it feels in your hand and feel the texture of all the buttons. Turn the remote control and observe each corner, each shape and then feel the weight of the remote control in your hands.

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Do you feel how this calms your mind? When you look at something with curiosity and care, all your attention is focused on that particular thing. And when your attention is focused, your mind stops paying attention to those thoughts that make you feel stressed. As if it were magic, your mind relaxes and this relaxes your body.

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2. Listen carefully

You may be surprised at how many sounds your ears actually hear, but because your focus is elsewhere you are not aware of all of them. At this very moment, stop reading this article for ten seconds and just listen to all the sounds that surround you …

You will notice many different sounds that you probably have not noticed before. You may hear the buzzing of your ceiling fan, the birds chirping in your yard or the traffic outside your house. When you notice a sound, give it your attention.

When you give your full attention to the sounds that surround you, the mind becomes present. It becomes conscious. And when you are present and aware, the mind relaxes because you are no longer thinking. Then you will begin to notice that all these individual sounds were, up to this point, a background noise that you did not pay attention to.

3. Breathe

Just breathe. Stop what you are doing for a few seconds and simply take ten long and slow breaths. Use your belly (diaphragm) to breathe instead of your chest. This is really the way we are meant to breathe. The shallow breathing from the chest makes you feel breathless which can cause anxiety.

Concentrate on your belly moving outward while inhaling and moving inward while exhaling. Pay close attention to this process and see how soon you will feel more relaxed, calm and clear-headed.

Feel gratitude

4. Feel gratitude

Much of the time, stress originates from having thoughts like: not having as much as your neighbor, not being in the physical form you want to be in or not feeling enough appreciation or love. In other words, you are paying attention to what you do not have as opposed to what you have. It’s time to take things in perspective and start giving thanks for what you have. Maybe you do not have as much financial freedom as you would like but maybe you are healthy. Be grateful for that. Maybe you do not feel enough appreciation on the part of your spouse but maybe you have it on the part of your children. Be grateful for that. No matter what situations we’re going through, we always have something to be grateful for.

When we begin to feel appreciation for the things we currently have in our lives, our mood begins to change and in fact, we begin to attract more things to be grateful for. You can not be grateful and complain at the same time. Always choose to be grateful.

5. Meditate

Just like our muscles need to rest, our mind too. Meditation does not have to be something mysterious. Make sure there are no distractions around you and simply start to breathe slowly through your nose and through your mouth. Breathe with your diaphragm and not with your chest as described in step 3.

When you start to relax, put your attention on your feet. You will begin to feel them in more detail, you may feel a little tingling, a little warmth or coolness. Let yourself be enveloped by this feeling. When you record how a particular body part feels, your focus will not allow you to simultaneously think of something else.

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