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How to Find a Good Dog Breeder

So, you have finally decided to take the plunge and add a canine companion to your household. Congratulations – many years of companionship and fun await you. But when it comes to searching for a good breeder how do you go about it? We hear so much of puppy farms and bad breeding practice, so how do you make sure that the puppy you add to your home has had the very best start in life?

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The Kennel Club is your best place to start – They have a list of breeders that have had to meet the Kennel Club’s requirements you will still have to do your research within this organisation. Other ways to find a puppy from a reputable source are breed clubs – these are clubs that breeders are members of and are made up of a set of guidelines so that they can assure good breeding practices are followed, and also talking to other people about there they got their dog from as they may be able to recommend a good breeder to you.

Get in Touch with Breeders – After looking through lists and recommendations, get in touch with the breeders. Send them an email or phone them, let them know about your lifestyle and how you expect a new puppy to fit into it, and ask them any questions that you may have – remember a good breeder will be happy to answer any questions that you have for them. If they are evasive or seem more concerned about the money side of things, then walk away as this usually means that they are not breeding with the dog’s best interests.

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Meet the Breeder and the Puppies – The final step is to visit the breeder, meet them and their adult dogs – they should have good temperaments and good living standards. If they seem sickly, unwell or nervous or snappy, it is best to walk away as this can point to underlying problems. This is a good opportunity to ask advice on training, and good nutrition such as healthy dog treats by the innocent pet. A good breeder will also offer lifelong support and advice as they care about their puppy’s welfare.

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