How to memorize mathematical formulas

How to memorize mathematical formulas with 10 astonished methods

Getting to understand and memorize a mathematical formula can be a complicated process, but with our best advice, you will make sure you understand and memorize those key formulas, putting you in a good position for your exam. In this article, we will discuss how to memorize mathematical formulas with 10 astonished methods.

10 astonished methods to memorize mathematical formulas

  1. Familiarize yourself with the formula in advance
  2. Practice
  3. Get enough sleep
  4. Stay healthy
  5. Create a list of mathematical symbols
  6. Use different ways to learn the formula
  7. Do not try to learn formulas lists
  8. Understand the definition
  9. Use memory techniques
  10. Keep distractions away

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 1: Familiarize yourself with the formula in advance

It is a good idea to read the next topics in your book before you take your math classes. You do not need to memorize the formula you are in, but just taking 5 minutes to look at the content means that you are a little more familiar with what is being discussed. This method will not only make the formula easier to learn the first time, but it will really help you when you should memorize the formula later.

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 2: Practice

This may sound like an obvious point, but the more you practice using the formulas you need to know, the more likely you are to understand it. If you do not use the formula in the practice questions, it will probably be more difficult for you to memorize the formula.  Practice

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 3: Get enough sleep

Never underestimate the power of sleep when it comes to memorizing things. Permanent memories are created every night during the phase of deep sleep, where everything we have thought during the day is processed by our brain. During MOR sleep (rapid eye movement) we rehearse all the new skills we have learned each day and begin to consolidate them.

You need enough sleep to be able to memorize things, so avoid staying up late and recharging the night before an exam. This will cause stress and you will be less likely to get good results. It is always better to plan your review of topics so that you have enough time to understand and fit everything.

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 4: Stay healthy

Although it may seem like a waste of time when you’re busy studying, exercise is actually a great way to get oxygen flowing into your brain and can be really beneficial for your learning. Also, if you feel fit and healthy, you are less likely to suffer stress-related illnesses, which can have a negative effect on your studies.Stay healthy

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 5: Create a list of mathematical symbols

Most formulas require some Greek letters, others, symbols like ^. In language learning, students create a list of all the new vocabulary they find in an effort to better understand the terms with which they are unfamiliar. As you go, check the list of new vocabulary and remember that you have seen it before.

The same technique works in the learning of mathematical formulas. Initially, many of the symbols that you will find may seem strange and this can be confusing. Creating a list of the symbols that you are with gives you something to refer to and will prevent the new symbols from being intimidating.

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 6: Use different ways to learn the formula

We have mentioned writing the formula on memory cards to help you memorize it. However, saying them out loud, talking with a friend, teacher or tutor, or watching videos detailing their use can help you memorize the different elements.

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 7: Do not try to learn formulas lists

Do not sit on your desk and try to learn reams of formulas without fully understanding the meaning behind them. This will simply increase the amount of time it takes to learn, and it will probably create a lot of confusion. Also, if you do not understand the connection between meaning and formula, your brain will not be able to see the connections and you are likely to quickly forget what you have learned.

To avoid answering a question in an exam with the wrong formula, try to draw a relevant diagram corresponding to the formula. This could take the form of a parabola or a circle, but associating it with the formula in question will help you remember both the formula and the method of application necessary to get the correct answer.Do not try to learn formulas lists

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 8: Understand the definition

Often, in math tests, you will be given a formula sheet to help you with your answers; so many students do not understand the goal of learning them and fully understand how they are designed. This is an error because it can lead students to use incorrect formulas and end up with incorrect answers and, therefore, do not get points.

If you understand how a formula originates, it is much easier to know when to use each one and finally get the correct answers. Occasionally, it may be useful to insert values and expect the best, but you will be much more likely to earn points if you are familiar with all the formulas needed for the test.

Learning formulas from the beginning will also help you learn in the future since you will have a better understanding of the basic concepts of mathematics.

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 9: Use memory techniques

Think of all the phone numbers you know by heart. Or think about when you go to the supermarket without a shopping list, but you can still remember what you wanted to buy. Most of us are perfectly capable of learning lists of numbers, words or objects that are not necessarily related. It simply requires the use of the correct memory techniques, and these same techniques can also be applied to learn formulas.

A common method to remember things is to create a story that involves everything you are trying to learn. The sequence of a story can also help you remember things in a particular order. The stranger the story, the easier it will be for you to remember it. And the same with location. If your story is set in a particularly unusual place, you will be much more likely to remember it.

How to memorize mathematical formulas- 10: Keep distractions away

Memorizing things requires total concentration, so avoid browsing the Internet, listening to music or sending text messages to your friends while you study. There are so many things that can distract us from learning so it is better to get as many distractions away as possible. Setting aside a period of time just for studying will help you be more productive and also facilitate your learning.Keep distractions away

We hope you will like these methods to memorize mathematical formulas. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a nice day!

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