How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?
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How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?

Jeans are the favorite clothes of women, children, and men because they are perfectly combined with t-shirts, sweatshirts, moccasins, and pumps, suitable for any time of year. And if it so happened that your favorite jeans are washed, and you need to wear them right now, then the methods collected in our material will help you to quickly dry jeans. Have patience, towels and heating appliances

How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?

General recommendations and useful tips for how to dry jeans

If it is necessary to dry jeans on an emergency basis, and then remember that it is advisable to subject the express-drying to the thing that was washed in a washing machine. The fact is that during the automatic spin the maximum amount of moisture is removed, so the thing is damp but not wet. If you washed your jeans by hand, then perform the following steps before drying:

  • Gently squeeze the water out of the clothes, and then wrap it in a towel.
  • From time to time turn the towel over, you can replace it with a dry one.

Of course, the easiest way to put a thing in the machine, and then run the mode “Rinse + spin.” Please note that with the help of heating devices and intensive pressing only classical models can be dried. For slimming and corrective leggings, jeggings, treggings, and similar products, only natural drying is recommended, otherwise, they will lose their characteristics.

How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?

Natural drying

You can resort to natural drying, but the method is relevant only for hot sunny days. It is enough just to hang out the washed clothes on the balcony, open the windows and doors. After 30-40 minutes, jeans will be completely dry. You can also hang up jeans in a room or lay them on a bed, turning on an air conditioner or an air dryer.

How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?

Use of hair dryer

With the help of a hair dryer, you can dry small, dense areas: pockets, seams, backs, belt. Before starting work, it is necessary to turn the product inside out, spread it on a flat surface. After that, turn on the device, and then direct the flow of hot air to the damp areas. Dry gradually; keeping the distance between the hair dryer and the cloth, otherwise, the appliance may burn. The average time required for complete drying is 40-50 minutes, depending on the degree of moisture, the type and size of jeans (thin summer products dry up faster than models with a pile).

How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?

Iron use

This type of drying allows you to quickly dry clothes; it can be combined with a hairdryer. Works are performed as follows:

  • Need to turn the jeans inside out, and then put it on a bed or ironing board;
  • Now it is worth to iron the jeans several times through the fabric (white natural cotton linen);
  • The iron works too tightly, it’s bad, so use a hairdryer to dry your pockets, seams, pants.

This rapid method can only be used in emergency situations, because it has an adverse effect on the fabric, causing accelerated wear, discoloration and even deformation.

Heating appliances

In winter, jeans are dried on the battery, as well as using oil coolers. Clothes need to be well leveled, and then hang on the heater, turning regularly. Please note that the whole process must be controlled, because at best the material is deformed, and at worst – a fire will happen.

How To Quickly Dry Jeans After Washing At Home?


Yes, jeans after washing can be dried in the oven, after thoroughly washing the last. Remove the drops of fat and carbon, otherwise, you risk severely dirty thing, it can also be soaked with the smell of food. After completing all the necessary procedures, proceed as follows:

  • Heat the oven to 110-120 ° C;
  • Hang jeans on the door. You can put them on the cloth if the door is not washed clean;
  • Turn the clothes every 10-15 minutes;
  • Turn on the convection function (airflow) if it is designed by your home oven.

You will spend 1-1.5 hours on this work; dense areas will have to be dried with a hairdryer. If the situation is critical, then folded jeans can be put in an open oven (the grille should be covered with a cloth), constantly turning them over.

Now you know how to quickly dry jeans using simple methods at home. Do not use these methods too often, because due to aggressive heat exposure, the fabric loses its elasticity, becomes more faded, which makes the jeans look unpresentable and sit ugly on a figure!

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