how to reframe a window
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How to Reframe a Window? Follow These Steps

Inside homes, we often have to intervene with maintenance or renovation works or when we buy a house or when the needs of the family change and new environments need to be created. We can decide to redo the floors, move the walls, paint the ceilings and walls, create new rooms, and set up areas with specific roles. In some of these cases, we will also have to create new openings to the outside or enlarge existing doors or windows. The watchword, therefore, is restructuring! In short, I will explain how to reframe a window.

How to reframe a window?

You will need:

  • Permissions
  • Hammer
  • Chisel
  • Malta
  • Frame
  • Counter
  • New window

how to reframe a window

The importance of light points

Light, whether natural from windows or artificial, is an essential element to make our home welcoming and livable. The light points, in fact, play a very important role in making the rooms functional and highlighting certain areas of the house. They also enhance the various environments by creating an atmosphere of maximum comfort and serenity. We must therefore always try to adapt every room in the house to the right aero-illuminating ratio. This parameter is established by law according to the size of the rooms. Knowing it before doing a renovation is very useful for knowing how much and how to enlarge a window or to create new openings.

The request for permits

Maximizing a window isn’t always easy. Depending on the type of our home, in fact, we will be subject to parameters and authorizations from the competent bodies. For example: if we live in a condominium most of the time, unfortunately, we cannot vary the aesthetics of the buildings, because the parameters of architectural decoration must be respected. Therefore, deciding to enlarge a window may not be possible.

However, we can always turn to the other condominiums who, in the condominium assembly, can give us an affirmative opinion. After this, we can then proceed to enlarge the window after having requested the necessary permits. If, on the other hand, we want to enlarge a window in a single-family detached house, we must proceed directly with the request for authorizations.

The various types of permits

Without the necessary permits, we cannot proceed to enlarge a window. We must always present, whether we work in a condominium or in a single house, a construction practice at the technical offices of the municipality of residence. We must request the CILA, Notice of commencement of works if there are no structural changes. If not, we must present the SCIA, certified notification of the start of the activity.

To be able to apply for permits, we must make use of a technician, architect or engineer, who will prepare the executive project and make the necessary requests. To obtain permits, it will also be necessary to evaluate whether the house is subject to landscape constraints, whether it is located in places of historical interest and, in addition, the view of the window will also be evaluated.

The enlargement of the window

When we decide to enlarge a window we must first verify that this does not compromise the building structure. After that, we find that neither the pipes nor the pipes pass through the part of the masonry, which must be demolished. Having made these assessments, we proceed to remove the window by removing the matches, lifting them a bit off the ground if equipped with hinges, but beware the long windows are heavy, it will be necessary to have a second person help you.

Once the window has been dismantled you must do the same with the frame and the counter-frame. The latter will be cleaned up using a wrench and chisel to remove the “tangs” that are housed in the wall. We proceed to enlarge the light until we bring it to the extent necessary to accommodate the new window. It is not convenient for you to modify the old window also because often this will not be possible.

You must have a new one made of wood or aluminum in line with the other windows in the house. You can opt for classic windows, or long windows with one or two lots, excellent sliding frames to be made on large openings.

Always remember to make the necessary checks before proceeding to enlarge the window to assess not to create structural damage or damage to pipes and electrical cables.

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