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How to restore parquet flooring without sanding

If you want to recover the brightness of the first day of your wooden or parquet floor, follow our tips to take care of the parquet floor. In 4 steps you will recover all the brightness and luminosity. With the passage of time and use, our wooden floor can lose its shine and look worn and lifeless. But, not only the use, the action of the sun or small bumps and scratches can deteriorate your wooden floor and give it an old and damaged appearance.

How to restore parquet flooring without sanding

parquet flooring without sanding

There are other factors such as heat or humidity that can also affect the wood, causing them to lose their natural color. Luckily, you can recover your wooden floor with parquet yourself quickly and cheaply.

Step 1: Clear the surface of furniture and objects so you can work without obstacles throughout the room. Clean the wooden floor with a broom, mop or vacuum cleaner, collecting all the dust and lint.

Step 2: Pour a dose of parquet directly on the parquet lacking gloss or worn.

Step 3: Extend it with the help of a mop in the same direction as the wood grain.

Step 4: Let it dry for 30 minutes for parquet to act.

In this simple way, you will recover the brightness of the first day. But you will also get to nourish the wood, so it is not dry or damaged.

Parquet flooring tips

Parquet flooring tips

Many people choose to put parquet or floating flooring in their house, either for an aesthetic aspect or a personal theme. It is true that you have to take special care with this type of soil. Clean it with the indicated products and the use of mop is among the highlights. Forget about brooms and vacuum cleaners. The mop will pick up more dust and dirt and will not scratch the floor due to the plastic bristles that have the typical brooms. You can find other types of problems. From here we want to help you solve certain doubts that may arise for the care of this type of soil.


If a lot of waterfalls on the parquet, do not delay to dry it. It must be prevented from slipping through the cracks. Filtering water produces moisture and is the worst thing that can happen to this soil. Therefore, dry it quickly with paper. If you have not been able to prevent it from getting through the joints, a quick solution would be to use a dryer. If you want to scrub it is recommended to do it every 10 days. Of course, with a wet mop, that does not leak water.

parquet floor stains


As with water, clean it quickly. Never let a stain dry. In case you spill milk or juice you can use a special detergent for parquet. If the stain is of ink or a marker, you can also use a little alcohol.

If the stain is glue or something sticky, it will be a little harder to clean, and more, if we do not notice and the stain dries or hardens. To be able to solve it, the nail polish remover can be quite useful. The stain will soften. Apply it with a cotton ball. Besides this, if you can not get it out, wrap a tool with a rag, a screwdriver for example, and use it to scrape very carefully. Little by little you will get it to disappear.


To avoid scratching the parquet, we recommend that you forget to walk on it with your street shoes. The dirt and the stones that stick in the shoes are usually negative for this type of soil. Therefore, it is best to walk barefoot, in socks or slippers to walk around the house.

Another cause of this type of scratches is the movement of drag chairs, tables and all types of real estate. For this reason, a solution that you must apply from minute one is the use of feeling in the legs of the furniture.

parquet floor rayones


Humidity can affect the parquet, and in many cases, can cause crunches when stepped on. But this can have an easy solution and a little homemade. Talc can make your life easier. Extend it with a brush so that they enter through the cracks. When you leave it to rest, clean it only with a damp cloth. With a cleaning product specialized in wood.

Applying parquet on the wooden surface will eliminate those scratches or marks that you may have due to small knocks with furniture or scratches from our pets. Hopefully, these tips help you recover your wooden floor and house enhancements. If it is a new or newly released parquet, it will help to protect it from stains, scratches or moisture that may affect the shine and appearance of the wood.

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