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    Would you get in a car with no Driver?

    It is predicted that very soon we will start to see driverless cars on our roads. This is causing a lot of concern for many and a sense of relief for others. There are many unanswered questions about driverless cars, one of them being how it knows it’s time for its MOT and will the driverless system itself be part of the MOT Gloucester checks. Image credit Whether anyone will use, or be comfortable using the driverless car is a probably going to be a generational thing. Our children might well be the last ones to remember someone driving and those being born now may well find that when they…

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    Modernising your bedroom

    Not feeling relaxed and rested after spending time in your bedroom? Perhaps it’s time for a makeover. If it’s been some years since you paid any attention to your bedroom décor, then now could be the time to turn your dull bedroom into a contemporary boudoir. Here’s how: Focus on making it a room of rest The key to a good night’s sleep is to concentrate on setting apart from other rooms as specifically a place of rest. Don’t be tempted to put your home office in the corner. Bedrooms can become places of bad habits, like eating in bed, binge watching Netflix and hanging laundry. If you can, reserve…

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    The Leaf Mining Moth

    One of the most common trees in the UK is the horse chestnut. One of the biggest threats to this beloved tree is the leaf-mining moth. As far as moths go, this one is very small, only about the size of a grain of rice. Part of its Latin name is ohridella, taken from Lake Ohrid in Macedonia where it was first discovered in the 1970s. The moth was first seen in the UK in 2002 and since then it has travelled around 30km every year to different areas of the country. By 2013, it had reached Ireland and the following year, was found in central Scotland. The larvae of…

  • How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?
    Pregnancy Care

    How To Lose Weight Nursing Moms After Childbirth And How To Eat?

    Any girl tends to look beautiful at every stage of her life, including after childbirth. During this period, the female body undergoes colossal transformations, which often causes shock to young mothers. Looking at their figure, they ask themselves the question: “Will it be possible to return the old forms and how long does it take to lose weight?”. And the answer, in any case, turns out to be positive! Moreover, nursing moms can not only lose weight easily but also significantly tighten the form.

  • Cauliflower pancakes with onions

    Cauliflower pancakes with onions

    Cauliflower pancakes with onions: the recipe, without eggs, for a colorful and tasty second course. Perfect if accompanied with vegetables, cauliflower pancakes with baby onions prepared without using eggs, are a second course rich in taste and quick to prepare.

  • The benefits of plant charcoal to relieve abdominal swelling

    The benefits of plant charcoal to relieve abdominal swelling

    The benefits of plant charcoal to relieve abdominal swelling. The charcoal also is known as “activated charcoal” or “activated carbon”. It is a natural substance obtained from the combustion of the timber with particular combustion conducted at high temperatures. And in the absence of oxygen. Its “activation” is then carried out by means of a second heating process in the presence of air to give the powder the characteristic porosity, responsible for the therapeutic properties. We find out why vegetable carbon is so effective on abdominal swelling.