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PwC prepares to keep thousands of workers at home

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the 22,000 PricewaterhouseCoopers UK staff were originally asked to work from home in line with the UK Government’s response to the virus, whereby only essential workers and healthcare professionals should work as normal. This initial response to the virus has now passed ,and the UK Government is urging all workers to return to work provided the company can ensure that workers can meet the social distancing requirements. However, it now appears that thousands of PWC workers will never return to their offices on a full-time basis.

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PwC – the company and staff

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a multinational company with 20 offices in the UK and is headquartered in London. The company has 22,000 UK staff and is the biggest employer in the City of London. Since the start of the pandemic, all the staff have been working from home, and the staff have been just as productive as when in the office environment. In addition, the staff are quite happy with this situation.

If this is to be a permanent way of working, next day office furniture will become a requirement. Sitting at the dinner table with a laptop is fine as a temporary measure, but for the long-term, a better home-office environment would be required. To match the office environment at PwC and get a speedy delivery, next day office furniture would be beneficial.

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The future of PwC and other companies

PwC is a well-respected company ,and the average age of its employee is 31 years. The company also employs thousands of graduates and young people, who may be struggling with working from inner-city flats and apartments. For these employees, a better home-office environment is needed, and next day office furniture is a solution. Whether PwC will be paying for this is not known, but it is likely that they will cover at least some of it as their office expenses will be massively reduced due to fewer workers being present. Working from home does not suit everyone, so some will elect to go into the office.


PwC has found that their workers are just as productive working from home as if they were in the office. Therefore, the company has decided that the employees can permanently work from home if they wish, or they can come into the office if that is their preference.

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