reducing hair loss after pregnancy
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Tips for reducing hair loss after pregnancy

The loss of hair is moderately normal. The hair is born, grows and dies and is replaced by a new hair to take its place.

There are times that after these three stages, there is a new hair to replace the previous one, causing a progressive and even visible in some cases, loss of hair.

The hair loss after pregnancy is common and is caused by hormonal changes that occur during this stage. Vitamins taken during pregnancy, allow the hair is in good condition, however, after this period and as a result of hormonal changes that occur, the hair is weakened, take 1 to 3 months until their condition becomes to normal. Also, the change in diet or certain vitamin deficiencies can cause this change of hair loss.

During pregnancy, the hair remains in a resting phase, so that the hair falls out less often to be replaced. Thus, after birth, this changes and there is a greater fall, Which can bring down these hairs up to 6 months later.

This loss of hair tends to be uniform, without causing bald, so is the talk of a reduction in overall volume, although there can always be areas that suffer this loss more than others. Besides this, it also occurs at times, finer hair growth at the front, around the ears or the top.

Since the problem should be temporary, there is no reason for alarm, a matter of time and proper nutrition, as well as Vitamins necessary to avoid the problem, including in some cases treatment with specific products. In these cases, it is best to consult a doctor to recommend the treatment more appropriate, perhaps after performing some tests.

Complementary way, it is useful to use shampoos and conditioners to strengthen hair, avoid using hair dryers and irons as far as possible and not to forget the diet more beneficial properties that contribute to hair: zinc, vitamin B and C and biotin.

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