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Ronald Reagan Net Worth, Lifestyle and Career

In Hollywood in the middle of the 20th century, no one imagined that Ronald Reagan (1911-2004), an actor of unremarkable talent, would become the 40th president of the United States and a champion of anti-communism. Of great personal appeal, he flowed from Democratic ideas to militant republicanism. Reagan was one of the most popular presidents in the country, thanks to his sympathy and his ability to connect with people. This biography and net worth of Ronald Reagan collect his most transcendental facts.

Ronald Reagan biography

Ronald Wilson Reagan came to the world on February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois, a town of just 850 inhabitants. His father, John “Jack” Reagan, was a shoe salesman with a problem with alcoholism and a convinced democrat. Nelle Wilson, his mother, was a woman with deep religious faith. When Reagan was little, Jack affectionately called him the Dutchman for his resemblance to the boy from the Dutch Boy Paints brand. Reagan had an older brother named Neil.

Both parents instilled in their children religious, traditional, and equal feelings. Jack Reagan was a supporter of racial integration and was head-on against the Ku Klux Klan. The Reagans moved several times before settling in Dixon, Illinois, where the “little Dutchman” lived the rest of his childhood and adolescence.

ronald reagan net worth

Radio, cinema and anti-communism

Afterward, Reagan moved to Eureka, Illinois to continue his education. In 1932 she obtained a BA in Sociology and Economics with a not very brilliant qualification. He then got a job at radio stations as a sports narrator. This is how he discovered a remarkable talent: He was able to vividly narrate a sporting match without seeing it by reading the brief notes they sent through the telegraph.

Ronald Reagan did his first film test with Warner Brothers in 1937 and the result was fair. Although they accepted it immediately, they destined it to films of series B, that is to say, of low budget and without previous publicity. In addition, they pigeonholed him into characters similar to him: the typical good guy, good-natured, pleasant and sincere. Over the next 27 years, he appeared in about 50 movies.

From democratic ideas under the influence of his father, Ronald Reagan gradually turned towards conservatism. This was due to the fight he waged against communism within Hollywood while he was president of the actors’ union, the Screen Actors Guild.

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Ronald Reagan net worth

His net worth is about 13 million US dollars. As chairman of the Actors Guild, Reagan cooperated with the US government to identify Communists and develop “blacklists” among Hollywood staff. Ronald Reagan served in World War II in an Army film unit as an actor in training films.

The political life of Ronald Reagan

Reagan came to the public and political arena in 1964 thanks to a speech he gave in favor of the Republican candidate for the White House, Barry Goldwater. His message sparked an avalanche of contributions that exceeded a million dollars. Three years later, he ran for governor of California and held that position for two consecutive terms between 1967 and 1975.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan was the undisputed candidate of the Republican party in the race for the White House. After a campaign in which he was at ease and dominated with an advantage against Democrat Jimmy Carter, he won with a clear advantage. In 1981 he assumed the presidency and left the White House eight years later, after two consecutive presidential terms.

Their governments were characterized by an increase in military spending, a reduction in social assistance, a reduction in taxes and the elimination of price controls. In foreign policy, he dangerously deepened the confrontation with the USSR and later contributed to the end of the Cold War.

Health problems and death

In the years of presidency, Ronald Reagan presented different health problems and he was operated on several times for various reasons. In 1981, during an attack against him, he was shot in the chest that punctured his lung and lodged near his heart. He had various cancer diagnoses, suffered from hearing loss and a hand contracture.

Five years after his second term ended, in 1994, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, increasingly limiting his public statements and presentations. After 10 years, he died on July 5, 2004, in Los Angeles, California. Reagan had married actress Jane Wyman in 1940, with whom he had two daughters – one died at birth – and they adopted another. They were divorced eight years later. In 1952 he married Nancy Davis, and from that union, two children were born.

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