• How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?
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    How To Choose The Best Type Of Oral Contraceptives?

    Contraception is the right and, in some way, the duty of every woman who is responsible for her life, family, and future. The birth of children should be planned, desired, it should be a holiday and the greatest happiness in the world, and not an incident that happened by chance. You need to prepare for it both morally and financially. And if at the moment you are not ready to replenish in the family, then you should pay attention to oral contraceptives.

  • How To Awaken The Maternal Instinct?
    Pregnancy Care

    How To Awaken The Maternal Instinct?

    It is believed that with the birth of a child, a woman will inevitably turn on a regime of great love, the desire to spend with his tot 24 hours a day, tenderness from his appearance, even if he sprinkled porridge on all kitchen surfaces, and the like. Say, immediately after the birth, the newly appeared mother joins the countless army of happy women who see the meaning of life in their children. However, in practice, this is not always the case. More and more women admit that, although they are not going to shirk from their parental responsibilities, a newborn that constantly needs to be fed, reassured, washed, does…