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The use of activated charcoal for the skin

The use of activated charcoal for facial skin, of course, is due to its absorption capacity. The natural sorbent – activated carbon, despite its economy and availability, has enjoyed universal recognition for a long time. A unique property of active carbon purification is often successfully used in cosmetology when solving the problem with acne. In the production of cosmetic products, sometimes as part of the products for washing or cleaning the skin, one of the ingredients is activated carbon. The accessibility of various masks and scrubs using this miracle drug, combined with their regular application, usually has a positive effect on the skin and has a rejuvenating effect. Namely, systematic skin care with products containing activated carbon,

It will not be superfluous to note the importance of the general cleaning of the body with activated carbon. After all, the facial skin is a mirror of the gastrointestinal tract, which reflects the general state of the human digestive system. All kinds of changes in nutrition, whether they are excesses or deficiencies, are necessarily reflected in the form of acne, pimples, irritations and other aesthetic defects. The guarantee of a healthy and beautiful facial skin obviously depends on the timely cleaning of the intestine. But there is an important feature of activated charcoal – along with all toxic substances, useful microelements, vitamins, proteins, fats and carbohydrates are expelled from the body.

Therefore, the use of “cleaning” techniques should be practiced with extreme caution. And sometimes there will be no need for expert advice from a specialist, since amateur activity with the use of activated carbon increases the risk of diseases of the intestine and stomach. The most applicable treatment regimen for acne prevention is a course lasting 10 days, three times a day, two tablets are taken two or three hours a day before or one and two or two hours after meals. Many masks and film masks for different types of skin, provided they are applied correctly and regularly, allow you to achieve a sustainable positive result.

Special contraindications for the use of facial mask with activated carbon are not and are suitable for any type of skin and are applicable absolutely for everyone. Negative reactions are excluded, due to the natural nature of activated charcoal. Face mask with activated carbon, sufficiently qualitative helps to solve the problem of clogging of the pores with dirt, the problem of acne. Useful properties have a face mask with activated charcoal for different types of skin, which with the regular application has a good effect.

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