things to do in madrid this weekend

4 things to do in madrid this weekend

If there is an ideal time to enjoy Madrid, it is spring. El Retiro is more beautiful than ever. The temperatures are mild and outdoor plans begin to emerge. The locals live with the certainty that this time does not last forever and this makes them go out to enjoy, more than ever, of his city carpe diem spring is because they know that you have to take advantage of every day before you tighten the heat of summer. It is a heat that will make you live at the expense of good air conditioning. Note down the 4 things to do in Madrid this weekend. 

4 things to do in Madrid this weekend

Therefore, if you want to mix in the street with the locals and live the city at its best, do not hesitate to visit the capital in the spring and sign up for these plans that, in a few months, you can not do. Are suitcases ready? We start…

The book fair

The book fair

From May 25 to June 10 the Madrid Book Fair will take place. The walk of the Duke of Fernán Núñez turns into an authentic parade of bibliophiles who will look for new treasures to include in their bookstores. Around the booths of the fair will spend almost 200 writers who will sign copies of their works and will chat – everything that the waiting queues allow – with their followers. This year the guest country is Romania so that we can access the work of authors such as Mircea Cãrtãrescu or Ana Blandiana.

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If you do not want to get lost among the more than 350 exhibitors, signatures and activities, we recommend that you plan your visit. On the website of the Book Fair – an event that this year reaches its 77th edition – you can find the complete program; a necessary map to not miss a visit to our favorite writers.

Picnic in the Retiro

Picnic in the Retiro

We do not need to go very far for our next spring plan. It is time to get the most out of the Buen Retiro Park before the temperatures increase and it is only possible to walk by it at the beginning of the day or the last of the afternoon. If we move away from the bustle of the fair, we can find some quiet place to eat while having a picnic.

Tablecloth, basket, and food make up the ideal kit but, if you are passing through the city and do not have time to prepare it, do not worry: in Poncelet, you have already thought about it. This bar of artisan cheeses prepares you and sends you a perfect menu to taste under the shade of the Retiro trees. Appetizing, huh?

Terraces with views

Terraces with views

In Madrid, there is an overflowing passion for terraces. In any street with a minimum width, the bars planted their tables and the people of Madrid, as faithful pilgrims, go to them. Blue sky, cold beer, chips, and friends are the ideal combination. But there are those who look for a fifth element so that this equation is perfect: that the place has good views. If you are someone who likes to drink something with a good view, sign up for rooftops that you can not miss this spring:

NH Collection Gran Vía: It is the last one to get to the city, but it does it through the big door. The hotel chain is installed in the heart of Gran Vía and offers, to all those who visit it, a terrace, with 360-degree views, from the heart of Madrid.

The secret garden of Salvador Bachiller: This place is for those who prefer to substitute beer for tea or coffee. In the store on Montera street, you have to go up to the top floor to enjoy this hidden and peaceful place.

H10 Puerta de Alcalá: Its terrace is the ideal place to have a cocktail at sunset because, due to its orientation and its proximity to the Retiro, it offers an unbeatable panorama.

Getaways to the surroundings

Getaways to the surroundings

On weekends, as if it were a pilgrimage, the locals look for a bit of calm in the towns around Madrid. Once there, there is a walk that ends, in all likelihood, in a restaurant where you can taste the local cuisine. It is a perfect plan to enjoy before the summer arrives and all the exits are in the direction of a pool to withstand the high temperatures.

Toledo, Chinchón, Alcalá de Henares, Buitrago de Lozoya, Patones de Arriba … are some of the places to escape. Also, they have the convenience of not having to worry about the car. Madrid, fortunately, is perfectly connected by train and bus, so just take a look at the connections to forget the headache of renting a car and think how to get there or where to park.

With these four plans, you are ready to enjoy Madrid as a real local. Under its perfect blue sky and its gentle breeze, you will find thousands of locals enjoying, as never before, their city. Because you already know that spring … Madrid alters.

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