TRAVEL TO LONDON AT CHRISTMAS: Discover What you can do on days 24, 25 and 26

If you travel to London at Christmas , you will not regret it. At this time the city dresses in lights and color and is an impressive experience. Here’s what you can expect from your travel to  London at Christmas.



During the Christmas season the center of London is illuminated in an impressive way and walking through the streets, sometimes snowy, with the cold, the steam emanating from the cafes and the hustle and bustle of the big city in which we find ourselves, is really a unforgettable experience. For that alone, it’s worth traveling to this British city.

It is a tradition, since the end of the Second World War, that the Norwegian people send a fir to the British in gratitude for their involvement in the conflict. Since 1947 this ritual has been carried out: a giant spruce tree that is placed in Trafalgar Square and coming from Oslo. Do not forget to visit it!

Another striking and special thing in London at this time are the Christmas markets . You can find a lot of small streets closed to traffic in which extremely colorful and cheerful markets are improvised. Walking through them is one of the main attractions of London’s Christmas. At the bottom of the page you will find a list of the Christmas markets to visit in London.

Witnessing the lighting of certain points of the city is another of the things we recommend you do not miss in London at Christmas. Mainly the one that is made in Oxford Street, Regent Street and Carnaby Street. Every year, a different star participates that brightens the moment, while the whole street lights up and begins to shine like never before. Subsequently, the locals in the area are filled with people and there is live music to enjoy in an absolutely festive atmosphere. We recommend that before planning your trip you find out which day each of these events touches so as not to miss it.

The last must-see in London at Christmas is the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland , a fabulous experience especially if traveling with children. It is an amusement park with a Christmas theme that includes a skating rink and various machines and attractions to have a great time. It is installed in an itinerant way in the middle of Hyde Park.



Try to plan the trip back from December 26 because between 24 and 25 public transport works much less regularly. On the 25th, for example, you will not find transport to go to the airport and inside London it will be difficult for you to move with it because it is paralyzed considerably.

The ideal is to travel to London before 25 or later but avoid this day. And just because it is a very important party, all attractions are closed and life stops a bit since people usually meet as a family to spend the two days of Christmas. On the other hand, if you want to go out to eat, you will find it difficult to find a place, so if you do not ask for a table in advance, you will find yourself wandering the streets without knowing where to dine on Christmas Eve!

Although winter is not the time with the highest tourist influx in London, during the Christmas weeks it is usually filled with travelers. If you plan to enjoy a quiet holiday, we recommend that you travel in November or the first days of December , when the big horde of tourists has not yet arrived.

No doubt the Christmas season is a good time to travel to London ; So, if the cold does not bother you very much, do not forget to keep it in mind as a destination for your next parties. In this city you will find many plans that will make you enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


Winter Festival at Southbank Center

Right next to the Tamesis River, in the South Bank area, is this Christmas market. Here you will find the typical wooden stalls and stands where you can buy Christmas decorations and other handcrafted gifts. You’ll also find delicious treats, cakes and food: the typical English minced meat pies, traditional German sausages, hot chocolate and much more … all submerged in the wonderful and bright Christmas lights that adorn the entire ride.

London Bridge Christmas Market

This is one of the most popular Christmas markets in the city of London. Also located next to the river, in the area of ​​London Bridge City, you will find more than 50 cabins filled festive products including original gifts, handmade crafts and a lot of delicious sandwiches. Do not miss a very typical tradition of the English during these dates: the hot wine (known as glühwein), very common in the Christmas markets. The place is highly recommended, as it is very close to the Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

Christmas Market in the Tate Modern

This Christmas market is located in front of the iconic Tate Modern art gallery. You will find items for the dates, traditional toys for children and the typical decorated gingerbread cookies. If you travel with children, we recommend you visit this market, since it usually has a carousel.

Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

We’ve already told you about this place. It is one of the largest Christmas markets in London in an unbeatable location: the Hyde Park. There are more than 200 stops overflowing with great gift ideas. You will find an outdoor ice rink, a spectacular ferries wheel and an impressive Christmas lights installation. During the day various shows are held. If you have little time in the city, this market should be your priority.

Transportation and travel to London at Christmas


Public transport at Christmas

During the Christmas period public transport is limited, so be sure to plan your trip in advance. There is no public transport on Christmas day . On Christmas Eve, public transport begins to shrink at the end of the afternoon, including the night bus .

Some taxis are available, but at Christmas and on San Estefan the rates may be higher. Check the details before traveling and book in advance to avoid long waits.

Train services to London during Christmas

Maintenance tasks will affect train journeys in London and the United Kingdom during the Christmas and New Year period. Visit the National Rail website for the latest updates.

Hotels and restaurants on Christmas day

Most of the  hotels in London open at Christmas and the restaurants in some hotels offer Christmas dinners on December 25. Check out our accommodation section to see hotel listings and reservation information.

Some restaurants , bars and pubs serve meals on Christmas day, but most require a prior reservation.

Benefits of Using Credit Cards in the Planning of your Travel to  London

Without a doubt, travel planning is not done from one day to the next, and even more so when it’s a family vacation. It is necessary to have many things in mind, as well as balanced personal finances . Have you already thought about what destination you will visit and how much budget do you have for it? Take the opportunity to manage your credit cards knowing the benefits of using them, getting interesting hotel packages during your next vacation.

Credit cards are an option to make payments without using physical money, as well as an alternative to discover promotions during some dates and even with a very low interest rate. Currently, banking companies provide numerous affiliates to make purchases safely, such as travel agencies.

Here we list some benefits when using credit cards :

Months without interests

Without thinking twice, this is one of the biggest advantages of buying with credit cards. Even paying a trip with this modality makes vacations more accessible for many pockets .

Comfort and Security

You will have the ease of making purchases from your Smartphone without the risk of carrying cash, having the certainty of doing it in sites endorsed with Internet security certifications such as Verisign Certificate SSL 3.0.

Preferential rates

Sometimes there are promotions and special rates to buy hotels and flights with certain bank cards and for limited periods. In addition, nobody takes away the peace of mind of knowing that they are accepted in many agencies of the tourism sector!

Family holidays

Traveling is one of the most fascinating experiences you can have. So do not hesitate to schedule your vacation using your credit card to take advantage of discounts and attractive offers for the holiday season.

Traveling at Christmas, usual mistakes

So that traveling at Christmas is not only exclusive to Santa Claus and with a good sense of humor we tell you the usual mistakes of traveling at Christmas.


Christmas is approaching, this time of the year bathed in good wishes, gifts, displays of affection, lots of food and also the possibility of traveling and spending the good night somewhere else in the world different from the usual.

Christmas night is a magical moment, cute by nature, what can go wrong?  Well, something can always go wrong if you travel at Christmas. We invite you to see the most common mistakes we make when we travel at Christmas.

The change of address

The forecast in this type of trips is fundamental. If we are going to travel at Christmas we must know before sending the letter to Santa Claus . That letter is like a real statement of where we are going to be that night, therefore it should be clear the address of the hotel where we are going to stay, so we will avoid all kinds of confusions and last minute rushed gifts that the elves have had to manufacture working overtime.

Who ever happened to travel at Christmas and instead of receiving that much desired toy that he had waited all year, he only received an agenda and a T-shirt. And all why? Because the real gift brought Santa to your house and you’ll see it when you return.

Fly during the good night

Let’s see … if we already know that Christmas is every year on the same date, so you can accurately predict the day and time of your flight. Then travel at least a day before. Not only is it advisable for the number of people you will cross at the airport, the danger of losing the suitcase that your knitted sweater has with a reindeer as the protagonist, the bad luck that the plane does not have nougat … but above all because of the danger of closing air traffic.

Yes. Christmas miracle would not be closed. Why? Because that night by time slots and by obvious safety rules many usual air routes to commercial airplanes are closed so that Santa Claus can do his work calmly and fly with gifts, sleigh and reindeer. Imagine that it would be a very bad publicity for an airline to collide with the sled in a maneuver through the skies.

Gifts forecast

As we know very well, many Low Cost airlines charge an extra for checking the bag, then the savers carry everything tight in a small suitcase for the cabin of the plane and thus avoid that charge.

This time it will be different, we will have to foresee that detail. And if you asked for a Surfboard? A bicycle? or worse, a dangerous weapon like a Jedi Knight’s light saber . In that case, you must clear the extra baggage and not having bought it from the beginning, the price will be very high, probably much more than the flight in its entirety.

Choice of destination

Suddenly you are given to be daring and this Christmas you want to travel somewhere unconventional. You must pay close attention because Christmas is not celebrated in all the countries of the world. Whether for religious or cultural reasons or both in certain states, Christmas is something totally foreign, just a Hollywood movie.

This is a list of 10 countries where Christmas is not celebrated : Iran, Algeria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, North Korea, Turkey, Nepal, Japan and Thailand.

That it is not celebrated does not mean that it is not tolerated to a greater or lesser extent. Of those countries, those that have European or American hotel chains do offer special Christmas dinners for their guests.

Travel to the North Pole

If the list of previous destinations we would say are less recommendable than usual for traveling at Christmas, the North Pole or more specifically Rovaniemi in Finland is the only place in the world that you do not have to travel at Christmas.

Because there lives Santa Claus throughout the year and is actually the most important attraction but just that night this man has to work and travel for many kilometers, therefore the possibility of seeing it will be null and in case you achieve see your white beard you will find someone very exhausted after handing out so many gifts.

Traveling at Christmas can certainly be magical and fun. Travel and Christmas are synonymous to enjoy , so to spend it nice and in family.

Finally, if London  is a spectacular city , imagine yourself travel to London at  Christmas! The lighting, the Christmas markets , the festive spirit of its streets … and, of course, shopping! Sure you have seen it many times in photos but this year you have decided to live it for yourself. Strolling through London in full Christmas boiling is a pleasure that you should not miss, but considering that it is the largest city in the United Kingdom, and throughout Europe, it is important to have an action plan clear so as  not to leave anything to see . For this reason, at Conductresses we have prepared the  definitive London guide so that your travel to London at Christmas  in 2018  is a unique experience.

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