What Jewelry Should a Bride Wear?
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What Jewelry Should a Bride Wear?

On your wedding day, any detail can make a difference. All the preparations are essential to make one of the happiest days of your life memorable. For this reason, the place where the ceremony will take place is as important as the decoration, the menu, the groom’s suit or the bride’s dress. But what about jewelry?

Choosing the perfect jewelry to wear on your wedding day also becomes essential to put the icing on your look. We know that each bride is different and for each one there is a unique jewel waiting for you. If you want to know what jewelry a bride should wear, pay attention to the following article.

What jewelry should a bride wear?

The wedding dress and the chosen jewels form a perfect combination. Therefore, choosing the perfect jewelry for you to wear on your wedding day is essential to complete your image. But what jewelry should a bride wear? Find out:

Alliance: Traditional, simple, smooth, with a combination of metals, stones, yellow gold, white gold, silver … Anyway, the alliance is the most important jewel of your wedding day and you should wear it proudly. It is the symbol of eternal love and it will be one of the stars of your wedding, so you must choose the one that best suits your style. You have many options and much high jewelry!

Earrings: The earrings on your wedding day are always a familiar and ancient jewel, as tradition dictates. However, if you want to put your own icing on the outfit through the earrings, the options are varied. Remember that earrings are one of the most important jewels since they denote style. Therefore, before choosing them, take into account both the dress and the hairstyle so that the combination between the three is perfect.

Engagement ring: It is the first tie of your engagement and your future wedding, therefore, it is an element that can also be worn the day you say yes. Diamond rings tend to be the protagonists, but increasingly we find engagement rings with vintage-inspired stones.

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Now the brides wear bracelets (and other accessories)

In addition to the essentials, such as the wedding ring or the earrings, there are other jewels that some brides choose to give more personality to their wedding look. These jewels are not essential, but they can help to give style to the whole outfit.

Bracelet: Although it is not an essential jewel, now there are many brides who succumb to the charms of the bracelets. If this is your case, we advise you to always bet on fine, simple and elegant bracelets, they are a safe bet if you do not want to clash. Remember: the goal of jewelry is to complement the dress.

Necklace: The same happens with the necklace, it is not one of the jewels that show off the most on the wedding day, since they do not go well with all styles of wedding dresses. However, if you decide to wear a pendant, go for a simple, fine and inconspicuous one. Remember that the protagonists will be the dress, the hairstyle and the makeup. Our advice: less is more.

Tiara: Some brides have imagined their wedding day wearing a beautiful tiara. To succeed with this jewel, it is essential to take into account the hairstyle you are going to wear. The tiaras can be small or showy and everything will depend on the degree of prominence that you want to give it.

Now that you have seen the essential jewelry and the most used by brides, you should know that the most important thing is that these pieces identify you and accompany you on the happiest day of your life. Whatever the jewelry the bride wears, they will always be part of the perfect decoration for this special day. Get ready to say yes with the perfect jewelry. You will always remember it!

How to choose bridal jewelry?

Many women, preparing for the big day, wonder how to choose bridal jewelry for the wedding. As we have been saying throughout the article, it all depends on the type of dress and, very importantly, if the wedding is celebrated at night or during the day.

Keep in mind that during the night, the light we will receive will be artificial, which means that, sometimes, some jewels shine in a much more intense way than they could reflect in the natural light of the sun. Therefore, if your wedding is at night, it is better to bet on fine and simple jewelry if you want to go a little bit unnoticed, or larger jewelry if what you want is to “shine” in every way.

Even so, if you have doubts when choosing bridal jewelry, we recommend that you go to specialists to help you with your selection and, thus, get to have a dream wedding.

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