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Is it to early to think about Christmas and your pets

Christmas is a wonderful time of year when we get to eat all manner of goodies and hopefully receive some great presents. When it comes to pampering your dog during Christmas, there are many human things they should not eat (or drink) that is why it might be a good idea to invest in some doggy festive treat for them too!

Think safety when buying Christmas presents

You also need to ensure that there are no presents wrapped up for your dog in Christmas paper under the tree. It may seem like a good idea to have some canine gifts wrapped under the tree, but the fact is that the ribbon, decorations, sticky tape etc that are usually used for wrapping gifts can be very dangerous for dogs if they put them in their mouths and swallow them. Another drawback is that if you have a puppy, they might learn that it’s alright for them to open and munch all the other gifts under the tree too!

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When it comes to buying your four-legged friend safe toys, make sure you get something that will last even if it means spending a little more money on it. You might think quality toys to give your pet for Christmas should be top notch – do not be tempted to buy something very cheap because chances are it will not be made properly or indeed safe for your dog to play with.

Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when you’re shopping for a Christmas gift for your dog:

Avoid small toys or chews

You should also avoid buying toys or chew too small because in all the excitement, your dog may just swallow something you give them intact and once again it might choke them or cause a serious blockage in the intestines or bowels. This could end up in a trip to the vet as an emergency. It is far safer to buy a larger toy so your dog can chew away for as long as they like. Large toys are harder for the dogs to rip as well – but ensure you pick sturdy toys made of safe materials. Play it safe by choosing Designer Dog Collars from a site like 

Do not buy your dog plastic toys for Christmas

You should also avoid buying your dog plastic toys for Christmas because they will break very easily. Plastic can have sharp edges when broken and if your dog swallows those bits, it can cause them serious internal injury. Also, chewing on the plastic, sharp edges will make their gums bleed and they could end up with serious dental problems.

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Never buy any battery-operated toys!

You should never buy your dog a battery-operated toy. You might think it’s fun to watch them play with toys that move and make sound but if they bite the battery, it could end up being a real disaster. Another thing to be aware of at Christmas is when children receive an interactive laser toy for Christmas. It is very important that the light never shines in the eyes of your dog as it will injure their eyes and lead to great pain and discomfort for them.

Best Christmas presents for your pooch

The best Christmas presents you can buy for your dog are good quality, well-made toys that will last for a very long time. It’s important to understand that dogs love the rough and tumble, so they need tough toys to keep up with them and withstand throwing, chewing, biting and even the occasional burying! The best dog toys are made of solid rubber or of rope tied big as dogs adore playing tug-of-war with them.

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