Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Hello, folks! Today, we’ll look at what educational cartoons are best for your child, get acquainted with the list of cartoons and description, and find out what watching a cartoon in English can be useful for a child. Let’s get started!

The more pleasant the learning process, the better the result – this rule is absolutely universal. It works for both adults and children.

Why learn English from cartoons – is it useful?

Special educational cartoons for learning English are an excellent technique that works faultlessly and is 100% complete.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children


There are 3 main reasons why you can learn English from educational cartoons effectively:

  • Simple words and grammatical constructions.

Many cartoons are designed specifically for children’s audiences. In them, you will not find complex grammatical phrases or slang expressions.

All the phrases of the heroes are constructed simply and clearly, focused on introducing the child to the world around him.

  • Repetition of words and phrases.

Many characters in cartoons use certain words and expressions from one series to another. We can say that this is a “chip” of the hero, which gives his character a distinctive feature. Such expressions will be remembered by the child quickly, rest assured.

By the way, we recommend using our simulator, which uses video from cartoons. The child will be delighted!

  • Availability.

Children, as well as adults, need to learn English gradually, from the beginner level to the more advanced one.

On the Internet, you can easily find not only entertaining cartoons but also teaching, even for those who learn English from scratch.

Developing cartoons for children are designed to help you learn English from the alphabet to free spoken language.

To supplement your lessons you can learn proverbs and sayings, as well as songs and phrases. Then the learning process will become even easier and more exciting, both for kids and adults.

Top 10 educational cartoons for children

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Happy Rhymes

A cartoon in English with music. In it, you will find cheerful rhymes and songs that can be easily learned and hummed with a toddler.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Nursery Rhymes for Babies

If you want to create an atmosphere of English for your baby, then you definitely need to put this 54-minute selection of cheerful songs in English.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Gogo Loves English

This cartoon about the dragon Gogo, who flew from another planet, met friends and wants to learn English in order to communicate freely. In the cartoon there is nothing superfluous – only life situations are shown.

New words and phrases during the series are repeated enough times that the child will remember them. The cartoon series is short (about 5 minutes), so the child will not have time to get bored.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Muzzy in Gondoland

A cartoon series from the BBC television channel, created specifically for learning English by foreigners. Mazzi is an alien, for whom English is not just foreign, but also alien.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Crawford the Cat

A cartoon for learning English is useful in all respects. In addition to popular English words (“hello”, “thank you”, “you are welcome”, etc.), the cat Crawford teaches kids to behave themselves, be polite, brush their teeth and clean their toys.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Little Bear

A multi-series cartoon of Canadian production, which tells about the main character Bear, his family, friends, and fascinating adventures. It is best to watch it in 4 years.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Super why!

The heroes of this cartoon teach grammar and introduce your child to new words.

The program is designed for those kids who are already familiar with English. Therefore, as a first lesson, it is not worth choosing.

Peter Rabbit

This is another cartoon that can captivate even an adult, this is a film adaptation of Beatrice Potter’s fairy tales about Peter Rabbit.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

Animation series turned out really beautiful. We recommend to start viewing not earlier than 5 years – for children younger and the plot, and the picture can be difficult.

Also, in 2012, the channel “Nick Jr. “Revived the animated series in the format of computer graphics. The new “Peter Rabbit” received a very dynamic and no less pleasant picture. It looks modern, children like it.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

At the zoo

A fascinating cartoon about the adventures of the boy and mother in the zoo. After viewing it, the child learns the structure of the past tense, the basic vocabulary of animals and emotions, as well as the basic grammatical constructions.

To someone who already knows how to read in English, subtitles will help to perceive the British speech.

Top 10 Educational Cartoons In English For Children

English Singsing. Collection of Easy Dialogue

The complexity of the information in these cartoons is approximately at the level of “Elementary”, that is, small viewers should at least have a little understanding in English.

Usually, these cartoons for learning English are recommended to use after 5-6 years.


In fact, there are a lot of cartoons that will serve well in the study of English. It is important only to understand that the result of these cartoons will only come if you like the young spectator.

It is necessary to sort out a few works and find “their own”, and then a new format of lessons will take root in your family for a long time.

In addition, this is an excellent addition to learning English in courses for children!

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