3 tips to compose a DIY wedding bag

3 tips to compose a DIY wedding bags

3 tips to compose a DIY wedding bags. If you love to give that touch of authenticity even for small things, as evidenced by your wedding invitations so original, you can think of making changes to traditional wedding bags. Less known than the classic wedding favors, they can be not only treated in detail but surprisingly comfortable and useful, as well as representing a small object that will keep the memory of an entire day. Put yourself to the test and imagine on your friend ‘s wedding dress various colors, textures, and accessories. Let the preparation begin!

There may be several reasons that encourage you to compose a DIY wedding bag. First of all, organizing a wedding involves numerous voices and thinking of being able to lighten the final expense with small tricks, it can be a valid and always welcome alternative. But that do-it-yourself does not rhyme with an idea of simplicity, they are an example of the many models of cheap wedding dresses: they can fit perfectly.

1. The chameleonic style3 tips to compose a DIY wedding bag

It is important to know how to adapt the style of the bag (that is always better to buy it!), Both for color and shape, compared to the location that will host your wedding. If the environment is chic, you will prefer a small handbag with rectangular shapes, on the contrary for shabby chic or vintage parties, the shapes can be softer and more practical. Whatever the style of your wedding, all the wedding bags will be able to accommodate inside a colored paper note with elegant characters written on the computer, or perhaps with a fountain pen: have fun writing funny wedding phrases that can make your smile friends and relatives. It is one of the best DIY wedding bags.

2. Enter practical and fun accessories with a touch of glamor3 tips to compose a DIY wedding bag

A mini bottle, like those that are often used as simple knick-knacks, can be colored and filled with kitchen detergent to make soap bubbles and entertain small and large. You can personify it even more by writing on it with an indelible felt-tip pen a different phrase of love for each guest. How not to add a ribbon to make a rosette to hang on the car? Choose only the color and the thickness, to give it the shape you will need only a pair of scissors and to pull the ribbon holding the other end still with your fingers. A breeze!

If you like transparencies, original ideas for yoursUseful wedding favors can be plexiglass boxes to which you can add colored ribbons with a spike next to it, a dry floral motif or a little lucky ladybug. For more traditional couples, a fabric or organza confection bag closed with a lanyard and accompanied by the bride and groom’s initials can turn out to be an alternative solution. with the brush and make their figure while being made and worked with other techniques. It is one of the best DIY wedding bags.

3. Organization at most

3 tips to compose a DIY wedding bag

One of the most important advice is to do everything in advance so as to enjoy the preparations. Always ask for help from your friends or acquaintances and test first to see the final result even if it is simply to customize, without creating everything from scratch. If you love to stand out and dare, no one will stop you from creating objects of different colors depending on the elegant ceremony dress of the various guests, it will be a true triumph of colors.

Now that you and your half have taken a moment to share in intimacy and look at everything from afar, a particular thing catches your eye: among all the different formal dresses for cut and length, there is always a common denominator. They are all accompanied by the inevitable wedding bag! Even your wedding dress with such an elegant and refined tone seems to tune in with its style. Try to always put yours in everything you do, because even the small details can make the difference. It is one of the best DIY wedding bags.

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