4 Tips for skin care during the winter

4 Tips for skin care during the winter

4 Tips for skin care during the winter. Adverse weather conditions have a direct impact on our skin. It is well known that during the summer months we must take special precaution for our constant exposure to the sun. But this does not mean that we should neglect the care of the skin throughout the winter.

That is why in Salud y Amistad we want to bring you on this occasion a series of tips so that you can carry out during the coldest time, combining them with your favorite products, with which you can easily make yourself in a  cheap pharmacy. Do you want to look radiant skin this winter? Do not stop reading the recommendations that come next!

4 Tips for skin care during the winter

1. Good hydration (always with solar hydration)4 Tips for skin care during the winter

The cold of winter causes the skin to dehydrate and dry out more easily, so it deserves to be hydrated consciously and steadily. At the corporal level, you should put special emphasis on those areas that dry out more easily, as well as the elbows or knees, and do the same with the lips as far as the face is concerned. In addition, the moisturizers that you use will have to be complemented with minimum sun protection of 15; and is that although there is less awareness about it, the sun’s rays can be equally harmful, causing premature signs of aging to appear on our face.

2. Attention to temperature and clothing

4 Tips for skin care during the winter

The abrupt changes of temperature with extremely damaging to the skin, especially for those with a more sensitive character, increasing the likelihood of appearing dilated vessels and irritations. But in addition to avoiding them, there are also other tips regarding the temperature you can follow.  It is one of the best tips for skin care.

For example, one of them is that the environment in your home does not exceed 22 degrees and that you have an environmental humidification system. It is also recommended that you wear thermal fabric garments, as this will not only maintain body heat but also allow the evaporation of sweat. On the contrary, too tight garments will impede perspiration, promoting possible peeling.

3. Beware of too hot showers

4 Tips for skin care during the winter

Let’s face it: there is nothing more tempting than, after suffering a cold winter in the streets, to get home and comfort ourselves with a good bath of hot water. The pleasure for our mood is undeniable, but is it really beneficial for our skin? Different dermatologists have stated that we must take special care with the temperature of the water since the showers too hot and prolonged cause the hydrolipidic mantle to be removed from our skin. Therefore, it is recommended that you opt for quick showers of warm water, also using soaps that respect the chemical structure of the skin. It is one of the best tips for skin care.

4. Enhance vitamin D in our body4 Tips for skin care during the winter

Throughout the summer, the greater sun exposure causes the natural production of vitamin D to increase significantly. On the contrary, with the arrival of winter, it decreases something that we should not overlook. Vitamin D not only helps the maintenance of muscles and the health of our bones and teeth but also strengthens our immune system, prevents hair loss and removes impurities from the skin. For this reason, you should consume foods rich in vitamin D during the winter, resort to supplements if necessary and, of course, try to get the sun on your face at least 15 minutes a day. We assure you that you will notice the change!

We hope you found it interesting to know these 4 tips to maintain the good appearance and health of your skin during the winter. As always, we invite you to leave us a comment with all your impressions. Tell us, did you have all these recommendations in mind? What tricks do you use during the winter to have perfect skin? Share your experience with us, we will be happy to read you! It is one of the best tips for skin care.

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