5 DIY wedding ideas that talk about you

5 DIY wedding ideas that talk about you

5 DIY wedding ideas that talk about you. The time to organize the wedding always seems too little and while you are doing the test for the wedding hairstyle, it is already time to decide the flowers to put in the bridal bouquet. But this does not mean that you have to give up personalization and do it yourself: you will not have to sew your wedding dress by hand, but maybe you could contribute to the organization by adding small details that will make you say “I did it”, without having to do too much effort.

1. The fairy lights5 DIY wedding ideas that talk about you

Lighting is essential for any event, especially if it is an evening wedding. Remember to ask the manager of the location chosen for the big day to give you all the information about it and ask him if you can indulge yourself with more lights. It will be nice to create plays of light and color where you like most: in the trees, on your table or hanging on the wall to form a sentence of love, why not? It is one of the best  DIY wedding ideas.

2. Wedding favors5 DIY wedding ideas that talk about you

As an idea for wedding favors why not make a part of the composition with your hands? For example, you could make a profession of simple containers for the confetti of the wedding and take care of them to accompany them with an object of your choice. If you are good at cooking you can enjoy homemade jams or liqueurs, or buy some different fat plants (there are many types): wedding favors are always a good idea. It is one of the best  DIY wedding ideas.

3. The confetti holders5 DIY wedding ideas that talk about you

More and more often at weddings, we use the so-called “candy”, opting for a supplier that has different flavors of confetti, which guests can then choose directly from the appropriate table. If you like this idea, why not make do-it-yourself cupboards? Whether it’s retinas with colored ribbons or cardboard cones, it will be nice to customize these elements of your wedding (and tell everyone that you made them, with your own hands!)  It is one of the best  DIY wedding ideas.

4. Placeholders5 DIY wedding ideas that talk about you

Predicting placeholders for guest tables is a delicacy that will make the difference to your wedding. For example, you could ask your trusted supplier to help you make do-it-yourself wedding place cards: he could take care of finding the material and making the base of the objects you decided to use, while you could write them or decorate them by hand. as you like it. Imagine the pleasure for each guest to recognize their name or nickname written with your calligraphy and perhaps associated with a significant symbol. The details really make the difference! It is one of the best  DIY wedding ideas.

5. Music

Music will be an element that can make your wedding memorable. If for example, you have planned a disco area after the wedding dinner, you will have to pay attention to the type of music that will characterize the evening. So as not to risk finding yourself listening to songs that you do not know and that are not really in your style, why not create a self- made a compilation to be delivered to the deejay? Only the titles of your favorite songs will suffice, he will take care of finding them and remixing them like no one else can. Get ready to take off your elegant shoes and launch yourself on the track! It is one of the best  DIY wedding ideas.

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