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5 irresistible delights of vegan pastry

With one hundred percent vegetable ingredients, the most attractive and healthy vegan pastry recipes can be made.

The 5 irresistible delights of vegan pastry

CARROT CAKE RAWvegan pastry

Ingredients for 6-8 units:

4 peeled and grated carrots

200 g of almond flour

150 g of coconut flour

100 g grated coconut

250 g peeled walnuts

50 ml extra virgin coconut oil

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

½ teaspoon ginger powder

¼ of cdta. of nutmeg

For coverage:

250 g of rehydrated cashews

50 ml of coconut milk

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Peeled nuts

dehydrated flower petals


It will take you 20 minutes plus 1 hour of rest.

Chop the nuts, squeeze the grated carrot and extract as much liquid as possible; mix all the ingredients and pour the mixture into a rectangular mold; compact and let it sit in the fridge for one hour.

With the help of a food processor or minipimer, chop the cashews with coconut milk and oil; process until obtaining a cream of uniform and smooth texture.

Smooth the dough and decorate it with nuts and petals; to finish, leave it cold. It is one of the best vegan pastry recipes.


Ingredients for 8 servings:

200 ml of soy drink

150 ml of agave syrup

125 g of olive oil

150 g of buckwheat flour

100 g of rice flour

50 g of chickpea flour

4 teaspoons matcha green tea

18 g of gluten-free chemical yeast

Lemon zest

To decorate:

Agave powder (similar to icing sugar, but healthy and low glycemic index)


It will take you 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.

Mix the soy drink with the extra virgin olive oil and the agave syrup.

Grease a rectangular mold.

It integrates flours, chemical yeast, matcha tea, and lemon zest.

Add the dough to the previously greased mold, bake at 180 ° C for 45 minutes and then let the plumcake cool.

Once cold, sprinkle powdered agave syrup with the help of a strainer to decorate the cake.

You can give it a different presentation if you pour the dough into cupcake molds and make individual matcha tea biscuits. It is one of the best vegan pastry recipes.


Ingredients for 10 servings:

500 ml of rice drink

250 ml of natural blackberry juice

250 ml of mineral water

200 ml of agave syrup

6 teaspoons of agar powder

natural berries


It will take 20 min more time for them to cool down.

Start by heating the rice drink in a saucepan with 100 ml of agave syrup.

Once it reaches a boil, add 3 teaspoons of agar powder and let boil for 3 minutes while stirring.

Add this hot mixture in a rectangular glass mold and let it cool for 1 hour at room temperature and 2 hours in the refrigerator.

Repeat the same process, but with the natural juice of blackberry, mineral water and the 100 ml that you had left of agave syrup; Bring everything to boil and add 3 teaspoons of agar.

Once boiled for 3 minutes, add the above on the rice gelatin and let it cool again.

Desmond and cut in squares; at the time of plating, add a whole blackberry on top of the gelatin.

Instead of rice milk, you can use coconut milk, which will bring a more tropical flavor to this dessert delight.


Ingredients for 6-8 servings:

200 g of buckwheat flour

150 g of teff flour

300 ml of soy drink

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil

2 tablespoons of agave syrup

1 tablespoon of gluten-free chemical yeast

a pinch of salt

To accompany:

Lemon ice cream sorbet

Jam of berries without sugar

Fresh raspberries

Fresh blueberries


It will take you only 20 min.

Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl with the help of a manual whisk rod, until you get a mass of semi-dense texture.

Heat a nonstick skillet over high heat, along with a little extra virgin olive oil.

Pour 5 tablespoons of dough into the pan and spread it around; Once golden on that side, turn it over and brown it for the other.

Once the pancakes are golden brown on both sides, let them rest until serving.

To serve them, accompany them with an ice cream ball of lemon sorbet, jam of berries and fresh fruit. It is one of the best vegan pastry recipes.


Ingredients for 20-25 units:

200 g of natural dates boneless

15 g of cocoa powder

250 g of coquitos

150 g of rehydrated almonds

150 g grated coconut

25 ml of virgin coconut oil

Nibs of pure cocoa


It will take 20 min more time for them to cool down.

Add all the ingredients in this recipe -with the exception of grated coconut- to the food processor and crush them until you get the thick dough you need to shape these energetic balls.

With wet hands, make small bite-sized balls and top with grated coconut.

Let them cool in the refrigerator for a minimum time of 1 hour.

You can consume them whenever you want, and think that at all times they will be a very tasty and delicate extra energy contribution. Enjoy them!

In the refrigerator they are kept for weeks, so you can elaborate enough to have them on hand …

The traditional pastry is based almost exclusively on four ingredients: wheat flour, milk, eggs, and butter. In the world of vegan pastry, the range of possibilities and new ingredients is immense, with fruits and vegetables, healthier sweeteners, a variety of nuts and seeds that provide a high content of good fatty acids, proteins, and fibers …

Desserts with quality and healthy vegetable ingredients

There is nothing, neither in flavor, nor in texture, nor in nutritional qualities, that the vegan pastry cannot achieve.

Healthier sweetness

Refined sugar is food that lacks nutrients, is addictive and harmful, so we will banish it from the kitchen. We will also avoid synthetic sweeteners. Luckily we can find healthy, more natural sweeteners that provide nutrients, such as agave syrup or rice molasses.

Other very good options are the ripe banana or the desperado’s fruits: dates or dehydrated fruits like dried apricots.

Vegan alternatives to eggs

The chickpea flour is a great egg substitute in baking, in which a half tablespoon equals one medium egg. It is ideal for biscuits and other preparations that require an oven.

And if you’re going to make a creamier dessert or a moist sponge cake, you can use ripe Canary plantain, which also adds some sweetness. A banana is equivalent to an egg.

If you miss the meringue, you just have to keep the liquid from boiling the legumes and use it as if it were egg white. You bake it with whole sugar cane or agave glass and the result is very similar, although you must cook the vegetables without salt: a semi-salted merengue would be something strange …

Vegetable milk and butter

The organic soy drink is ideal to replace the traditional cow’s milk, due to its high content of fat and lecithin. And if you’re a confectioner with butter, you can exchange it for non-hydrogenated margarine or virgin olive oil, a healthier option.

When creating toppings for cakes and biscuits, you can use vegan cream cheese, made with tofu, or make your own toppings with nuts, such as cashews or almonds.

And also gluten-free

Gluten has a molecule called gliadin present in a large part of cereals, such as wheat, spelled, rye … This molecule can be the cause of some irritation and intestinal inflammation. Therefore, it is better to do without cereals with gluten in desserts. You can resort to mixtures of cornmeal, millet, rice, buckwheat, quinoa, and legumes.

Uses natural thickeners

The traditional gelatin sheets are obtained from the tail of fish or pork or beef remains. In contrast, agar is vegetable gelatin obtained from a mixture of algae. Transparent and whitish in color, it will not add color or flavor to the result, so you can use it in any preparation you want to thicken or gel.

The agar stands out for its ability to dissolve in almost any hot liquid, including acids such as the natural juice of tropical fruits, for example, pineapple or passion fruit. Unlike traditional gelatin, agar must boil for a few minutes to completely dissolve, integrate with the liquid and remain consistent when cooled.

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