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5 new Instagram story features should use to gain followers

Instagram is the best platform for sharing audiovisual content. This social network has 300 million active users per month! Who tend to develop more commitment or Engagement with the brands that use it. We recommend you use, yes or yes, these 5 new Instagram story features to improve the profile of your brand and gain popularity.

5 new Instagram story features

Gaining followers on Instagram is part of a well-planned process. Use these five features with a little creativity. You can gain many followers and position your brand!


1. Define and meet your audience

You must have defined the type of followers you expect, only then, you can guide the style of your publications. Consider that your presence in networks does not seek to sell. But to create an image for your brand and generate a relationship with users.

It is necessary to segment and know your audience well, as this will set the tone for publishing what may be of interest to you. The content will depend on the different segments according to their geographical location, age range, and interests.

A key to knowing the audience is through a constant interaction in social networks. You need to make mentions, and respond to your comments and directs. Adding descriptions to the visual content, you publish also encourages interaction. It causes the audience to feel the need to react and have something to say.


2. Dynamic stories

Instagram has a dynamic history feature where you can upload content that will be available for 24 hours. But, unlike Snapchat, offers the ability to save the stories in your files to publish them again when you need.

“Dynamic stories give you the opportunity to relate to your audience more naturally, and allow the brand to have more presence.”

A new function of the dynamic stories is the surveys, where an interactive sticker can make the public participate in choosing between two options. It can range from content topics to characteristics of a new product. It is also possible to review which users voted for which option to know them better and took into account their tastes and tendencies.


3. Use hashtags and think of mobile devices

Hashtags, tags or tags are words preceded by the numeral sign used in social network publications and have the function of grouping them according to different topics when users perform a search. If we write, #Vaccancies in the search engine of the social network, all the publications marked by that specific hashtag will appear.

There are two types of hashtags; those that are created by brands and those that are created by the user community. The first ones are used by those who already know your brand to find your publications. The second ones arise according to current trends. Identify these fashion hashtags and use them strategically to reach more people.

Another tip is to adapt the content to mobile devices. Since 2016, most users prefer to surf the Internet through them. For example, if you publish an infographic, try to have little text and be easy to understand and read from a small screen. If users have to work to decipher it, it will not cause the expected impact.


4. Optimize your profile

The profile must be well ordered so that it is easy to see. Take care of the profile picture and do not upload any image just because it is good or has the best quality. You must use an image that speaks and gives meaning to your brand.

Build a profile according to the type of audience that follows you, offer concise information about your business and put a link that directs to other social networks, as well as your website. Another recommendation is to ensure that the last three images you upload, successfully define your brand to arouse interest and get followers.

contests and promotions

5. Organize contests and promotions

This is a popular, effective and relatively quick idea to gain followers. You can organize contests to win a product, as well as offer attractive discounts whose requirement is to share an image with a specific theme and using a hashtag created by your brand. It will attract the attention of more users who could start following you.

Keep in mind that promotions and contests should be planned within your marketing strategy in social networks, and not be too frequent. You will only get the public to lose interest. Pay attention to the best time to offer promotions according to each season, and responding to the interests of your audience. Taking advantage of celebrations and holidays. It is a good idea to launch a contest or promotion.

By following the new Instagram story features your followers will increase rapidly.

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