5 tips for an impeccable DIY makeup

5 tips for an impeccable DIY makeup

5 tips for an impeccable DIY makeup. Do you have strong skills in makeup and love to browse through the many makeup tutorials? Then you are the ideal candidates to create a fairytale trick without the use of any makeup artist! The organization generally involves a very long search for dresses that sock us perfectly and harmonize our body shapes,  shoes that fit the dress and that respect as much as possible the canons dictated by the bon ton, and last but not least, hairstyles that make us feel beautiful and at ease. After browsing dozens of catalogs of 2018  we finally made it. Now it’s time to think about makeup and wigs!

To save more time and money, women are increasingly preferring to make their own makeup for the most important day of their lives. In this article, we want to give you some tips for perfect make-up!

1. Do some tests5 tips for an impeccable DIY makeup

Even if you decide to do makeup yourself, it is essential to do all the tests previously. To choose the right makeup, products, and colors, you can get inspiration from the many makeup trends magazines. For example, if you choose a natural makeup, you would do well to opt for products with nude shades, such as beige, powder pink, and peach.

2. Look for a tutorial5 tips for an impeccable DIY makeup

Do you want to take inspiration from an actress or a singer? Nothing could be simpler. The world of the web is full of tutorials that explain in detail all the steps to follow and the tools to be used to reproduce a trick that is as close as possible to your favorite star. If you’re a fan of the style of the past and you love vintage dresses, there are lots of tutorials on the web to evoke the style, which will give you many useful tips on accessories, the bouquet of flowers and the right makeup to be perfect retro brides.

3. Take courses5 tips for an impeccable DIY makeup

If you love makeup but you are not precise enough with eyeliner, pencils, and mascara, there are some brands that offer free makeup classes that will reveal some little secret to make perfect make-up. Do not miss this precious opportunity!

4. Prepare the skin5 tips for an impeccable DIY makeup

Do not forget to make an invigorating skin icing by applying ice cubes to your face. Thanks to the stimulation of the circulation produced by the cold, this natural treatment will contribute to a luminous skin, to the reduction of spots on the face and to the prevention of dark circles. Now all you need to do is to even out the skin with the help of a good moisturizer and start making the base of your make up.

5. Choose the foundation and palette5 tips for an impeccable DIY makeup

Remember that on the day of your wedding makeup should last many hours, so choose waterproof products resistant to the emotion of the big day. Create the perfect base on which to work by choosing a foundation that has the same shade of your skin, try it on the jaw and make sure that the nuance is the right one.

Regarding the choice of the palette, focus on the colors most appropriate to your eyes. If you intend to make makeup for blue eyes, prefer colors that enhance them: water green, turquoise, light blue, blue or cold violet. A wrong color could turn off the beauty and intensity of the eye. For a for brown eyes, create contrasts by applying eyeshadow on plum, plum, violet or orange or bronze. The combination of colors is essential, so try to create a perfect balance between the gradation of the eyes and that of the lips.

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