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5 ways to have a better morning

We’ve got five tips and tricks to help you start each day off on the right foot, even if you’re naturally more of a night owl than a morning person.

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It’s not much of a stretch to say that releasing any tension you’re feeling will set the right tone for the rest of your day. Taking a few minutes to do a few gentle stretches will also stimulate your nervous system and help you to feel more alert.

Have fun with your food

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so don’t even entertain the idea of skipping it. If you’re struggling to find the motivation to prepare and eat breakfast, make the experience more entertaining. From creative plating to drinking your favourite juice out of the fanciest glass you own, don’t let yourself fall into a mundane routine that feels uninspiring.

Play your favourite music

Who wouldn’t relish the opportunity to listen to their favourite music to boost their mood? Let’s face it, there are few better ways to start your day than with a dance party. You could even keep track of the songs you listen to each morning over the course of a week, month or year and use PDF to Excel software, such as the example that can be seen here, to track how many minutes you spent dancing to your favourite songs. If that’s not an excellent reason to avoid hitting snooze on your alarm, we’re not sure what is!

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Implement a morning ritual

Doing something that makes you happy will help you to maintain a positive attitude for the day ahead. You might choose to keep a diary and note down how you’re feeling or what you’re grateful for today, or go for a brisk morning walk to clear your mind before jumping into your tasks for the day. If you’re looking for some inspiration, this INC article shares the morning rituals of some very successful celebrities.

Make your bed

Straightening your sheets and plumping your pillows is an immediately satisfying task that will help you to feel more put together. The added bonus here is that you will have a very inviting looking bed waiting for you to jump into at the end of a long day, which will help you to have a more restful night’s sleep.

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