7 natural remedies for pimples

7 natural remedies for pimples

8 natural remedies for pimples. Are you looking for homemade remedies to defeat the pimples? Here you are 8 really effective solutions and all natural, excellent against the pimples, easy to prepare and very cheap! The natural remedies for pimples, especially homemade ones, can help us win the eternal fight against acne. Who has not happened, due to stress or for some food stench, to find yourself with a beautiful pimple on the face, maybe before an appointment or an important occasion?

Do not panic! You do not need to run straight to the pharmacy or smear your face with toothpaste (an old myth to debunk !): With the natural remedies we recommend, you just need to use ingredients that, for the most part, are already in your kitchen. Ready to discover the most effective with us? Here they are!


1. Lemon, among the most effective natural remedies against pimples7 natural remedies for pimples

Lemon is an excellent natural remedy against pimples thanks to its acidity: its juice, in fact, has the power to rebalance the skin’s pH. How? It shrinks pores and promotes the elimination of bacteria, thus avoiding the spread of infections.

You can use the lemon against the pimples in different ways: the simplest system is to pour a few drops on a cotton swab and so to soak a pimple in question so that it dries as soon as possible. You can stretch the juice, if you prefer, with lukewarm water, or add sugar to give it a higher density and spread it on the affected area with circular movements, before rinsing. Be careful, however, not to abuse it: do not use these solutions more than a couple of times a week!

2. Bicarbonate, one of the most useful home remedies7 natural remedies for pimples

Even bicarbonate proves equally effective in the fight against acne! It helps to dry excess sebum and reduce a pimple in this way until it disappears. Try to mix a teaspoon with water, then apply the mixture on the face, keep it in place for a quarter of an hour and rinse with warm water. It is one of the best natural remedies for pimples.

You can also choose to add a pinch of bicarbonate to the detergent you usually use daily, in order to ensure maximum cleansing. Another solution, finally, could be to create some suffumigi with bicarbonate and rice starch, filling a basin of boiling water and then pouring two handfuls of both compounds and place your face under a towel.

3. Anti-acne mask based on tea tree oil: a super solution!

7 natural remedies for pimples

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that performs the function of natural antibacterial, really very effective in fighting acne! To eradicate it, you can prepare a homemade mask like the one recommended in our video below. The ingredients you will need are simple: Tea tree oil and organic green clay. It is one of the best natural remedies for pimples.

Start by mixing a teaspoon of green clay in a bowl with a little water until you obtain a compact mixture. At that point add 5 drops of tea tree oil and blend carefully (tea tree should never be used alone). Apply the recipe on the pimple, leave it in place until the clay is dry and then wash with warm water. Here is how to do step by step:

4. Garlic, ideal for defeating pimples!7 natural remedies for pimples

Of course, the idea of spreading garlic in the face is not exactly the best, but you know how effective it is! The allicin contained in this food has truly miraculous antibacterial properties. After having thoroughly cleansed the face with warm water in order to open all the pores, try to pass a small piece of raw garlic on the skin, rubbing it on the pimple. It is one of the best natural remedies for pimples.

This operation must be repeated several times a day to purify the skin properly. And remember that eating it also helps the wellness of your skin! A small sacrifice and you will see the results.

5. Yogurt, one of the most effective home acne remedies!7 natural remedies for pimples

Another home-made remedy against pimples is yogurt. Obviously, we are talking about the white one, whole, fresh and possibly organic. Do you already have it in the fridge? Very well, you just have to open the jar, take the appropriate dose and spread it on the face. It is one of the best natural remedies for pimples.

Leave this do-it-yourself mask in place for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Just repeat this operation once a week to have a more beautiful skin than ever! In fact, white yogurt is rich in vitamin A, very useful for regenerating tissues.

6. Green tea, a very simple and super effective natural remedy!7 natural remedies for pimples

Even green tea is great for treating acne, as well as to prevent it. It is, in fact, a natural anti-inflammatory: just drink more cups a day to cleanse your skin. Another solution could be to make a kind of iced pack: after infusing green tea leaves, pour the liquid into a mold to make ice cubes. At that point, you can apply them directly on the pimples.

7. White vinegar, a real cure for acne!7 natural remedies for pimples

White vinegar is no less a natural and homemade remedy against pimples, thanks to its purifying and anti-inflammatory properties. Just pour a few drops on a cotton ball and then apply it on the pimple and leave it there for a few minutes, with a little pressure. At that point, rinse with warm water and you’re done! It is one of the best natural remedies for pimples.

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