Things to consider when choosing a location for your cafeteria business

7 Things to consider when choosing a location for your cafeteria business

Are you thinking about starting a cafeteria but do not have a plan or idea of how to choose the location of a business? Through the following lines, we want to give you the exclusive opportunity to know the 7 things to consider when choosing a location for your cafeteria business.

If you want to choose the best location for your cafeteria, you should not miss this article, because, in it, we will detail many of the most important features so you can select the best location for your successful cafeteria.

7 Things to consider when choosing a location for your cafeteria business

  1. Stick to a budget
  2. Select a pedestrian crossing
  3. Analyze your competition
  4. Make an outline of your needs for the premises
  5. Customer acquisition plan
  6. Accessible establishment
  7. Attractant and visible

Things to consider when choosing a location- 1: Stick to a budget

If you chose to start your cafeteria, the first thing you will have to do is have a budget and stick to those figures. It often happens that all kinds of people do not stick to a budget, and end up paying more money than they owe in all kinds of operations. Since we do not want the same thing to happen to you, we invite you to budget, however small, for each amount you spend and what you spend it on. In this simple way, you will save money and also, select the most appropriate site for your economy.

  • Use a budget to find the most suitable site for your demands.
  • Do not exceed the amounts you can comfortably afford.
  • Do not make more debt than necessary.
  • In case of doubt, think about it before signing anything.
  • Shuffle other possible options.
  • Do not opt for the first place you see, check more options and different prices to the same possibilities.
  • Once you have decided, think again without haste before stamping your rubric on any paper that involves a contract. Stick to a budget

Things to consider when choosing a location- 2: Select a pedestrian crossing

One of the fundamental keys to the success of the selected place for your cafeteria is that it turns out to be a usual pedestrian crossing point. Selecting a site with a lot of people, you will not only make sure you get to know your cafeteria but also have a wide variety of customers who, usually, come to your establishment with the goal of, for example, breakfast at mid-morning.

  • Carry out a market study in which you can compare different locations, opting finally for the one in which the greatest number of people passes daily.
  • Analyze in detail a wide variety of options according to possible locations for your establishment and think about the different advantages or disadvantages of them.
  • Design a SWOT method with which to know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and also threats of the chosen area in question. This way you will know how to face possible difficulties that could occur according to the passage of time.
  • You can also analyze different companies or even public bodies such as courts or other government departments, in order to better locate your establishment.Select a pedestrian crossing

Things to consider when choosing a location- 3: Analyze your competition

The third of the keys we want to propose to you so that you can choose the best place for your cafeteria is to properly analyze your competition. As you know, there are plenty of options in terms of coffee shops. In fact, some of them, for example, in the case of Italian Coffee and Starbucks, are franchises that have a remarkable interest in a large number of countries.

We are aware that you will not be able to compete with these franchises on equal terms. However, what you can do is analyze in detail the performance of your competitors to offer improvements in services.

When you know your competitors you can offer improvements in terms of quality compared to the price. In this way, you will be able to attract new customers who will be happy to have breakfast in your cafeteria.

You will understand perfectly those aspects that are working or not, in other establishments. Thus, you will save time from resources, by betting, exclusively for what is of interest to your audience and geographical area.Analyze your competition

Things to consider when choosing a location- 4: Make a sketch of your needs for the local

Before making any other type of step, you must formulate if the chosen place has enough space for all the areas that you want to differentiate in your cafeteria, if you have the meters that you will need for your establishment, whether or not it is sufficiently illuminated, and especially, in case of not having the necessary licenses if you could or could not get them. With this simple advice, you can continue with the search for another establishment in case you need it or choose the one you have in mind if it is the right one for you.

  • Once you are clear about the location you will need, you will have to ask yourself whether or not it meets the requirements you need for your establishment.
  • Formulate different questions about possible reforms that you had to do for example, in its interior aspect.
  • Where you will be placing each of the appliances you will need.
  • Respond to yourself, if with the meters that the store you are thinking of, you will have enough space or if you need another, perhaps bigger one, to locate your cafeteria.Make a sketch of your needs for the local

Things to consider when choosing a location- 5: Customer acquisition plan

We have a perfectly defined place and we also know the market. However, one of the most difficult issues to address when choosing the location of a cafeteria is precisely the attraction of customers. In fact, there are countless entrepreneurs who have difficulties to attract new customers. Surely you will know that, depending on your clientele, you will have to make a series of changes or not in your establishment.

Define an object clientele that you will try to conquer with the help of your establishment and products.

Try to accommodate, to the extent of your possibilities, your business to that clientele. If, for example, you are going to focus on a young audience, you will have opted for a place of passage for young people and also, you will have to prepare this place for this type of public.Customer acquisition plan

Things to consider when choosing a location- 6: Accessible establishment

It will not matter how your clients arrive at the establishment, because the ideal is that they can do it from a walk, in their own car and even through public transport. For this, another of the tips that we want to share with you is that you look for a place that is well connected and that can be accessed without excessive difficulties.

Do not forget that it will not do you any good to have the best establishment if your access is incredibly difficult, because simply, there will be many clients who opt for other places easier to access.

Remember that your customers will require the best service and also, optimal communications so they can go to the establishment without problems.

If you have a dedicated space for your customers to park, it will be an additional point for your business.

Things to consider when choosing a location- 7: Attractant and visible

If you want to start a cafeteria business or you are simply looking for a place to locate your establishment, another of the tips you should take into account is that it is an attractive site for the public.

One of the issues that you will surely have to address is the need to make it visible to the general population. For this, you can avail yourself from services of advertising agencies in your area, newspapers to other media for your promotion. However, there are few better tools to promote your business than using the own means available to you, such as for example, your shop window.

  • Take care of the shop window and all the furniture in your cafeteria to make it as attractive as possible to the public.
  • Make sure it is visible to all those who pass through the place.
  • Hire the services of a specialized designer in interior shop windows, to help you give visibility to your business. Thus, you will achieve your goal of capturing the interest of people who travel through that street or place in particular.Attractant and visible

We hope these ideas will useful to you. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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