best places to eat in hong kong on a budget

8 Best places to eat in Hong Kong on a budget

Hong Kong is not only one of the most interesting Asian cities, with that ability to perfectly fuse tradition and modernity, but it is also one of the most cutting – edge gastronomic destinations in the world. Here you eat a lot and very well. Of course, Cantonese cuisine is the main protagonist of the city, but the foreign influences are noticed more and more. Today we are going to recommend 8 best places to eat in hong kong on a budget.

Best places to eat in hong kong on a budget

Tim Ho Wan Sham Shui Po

  1. Tim Ho Wan Sham Shui Po

What to say about this restaurant? Only one thing: it is one of the cheapest Michelin star sites in the world, so do not hesitate to come and try it. It specializes, of course, in Chinese food and we recommend ordering dumplings of prawns (34HKD), fried pork dumplings (18HKD) and dessert of taro and coconut (18HKD).

One Dim Sum

  1. One Dim Sum

Another great place to gorge on Dim Sum (prices between 18-30HKD, about 2-4 €), there are both steamed and crunchy. They are also rich bbq pork bun (a few buns-steamed ravioli stuffed with barbecued pork).

Mak's Noodle Shop

  1. Mak’s Noodle Shop (Mak Un Kee)

It is a place with a lot of fame, frequented by tourists and (and especially) by locals. The star dish is the noodle soup with shrimp wonton (which are very juicy). The large soup costs € 6.5 (the small about € 4.5).

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Kam Wah Café

  1. Kam Wah Café

It’s a great place to start the day: they serve good and cheap breakfasts. In concrete, we recommend you try the pineapple bun (pineapple bun), one of the most typical dishes of Hong Kong. Also, it only costs one euro (10 HKD). If you prefer to eat something salty you are also lucky, from eggs to soups and fried rice. Tip: after coming here, come to the beautiful flower market.

Sang Kee Congee Shop

  1. Sang Kee Congee Shop

The congee is a dish that is usually served as breakfast and basically consists of rice porridge with the most varied ingredients (egg, meat, fish …). I know, it sounds strange but in this restaurant, they prepare it very well and since you are in the land of congee, give it a try!


  1. Komune

It is a very handsome and modern local, come on, it is a good proposal if you want to rest from both noodles and dumplings and do not mind spending something more, without spending. They have a daily menu for 148HKD (about € 16) includes a drink (juice or soft drink), starter (guacamole with tortilla, taco veg, ham croquettes …) and main course (paella veg, pappardelle with prawns, hamburger …).

Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

  1. Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

Are you a vegetarian or do you want to rest from so much meat and fish? We recommend this restaurant that prepares South Indian food, tasty and very rich. There are dishes such as samosas (40HKD), masala dosa (70HKD), fried vegetable rice (70HKD) and much more! Tip: to drink, ask for a lassi mango, it is one of our favorite drinks. Price per person: € 10-12.

Wing Kee Noodle

  1. Wing Kee Noodle

It is a family business, tiny but almost always full of locals, who specializes in noodles soups. There are many types of soups: you will have to choose the main ingredient (fish meatballs, squid, meat …) and the type of noodles. The letter is in cantons, but they also have one for tourists, in English. Good prices calculate about 4-5 € per person.

We leave you this interactive map with the locations of Hong Kong restaurants we recommend. And of course there’s something you can not skip on a trip to Hong Kong, and it’s exploring the street food scene: in this city you eat almost anywhere and almost any time. Hungry you will not stay, that’s guaranteed!

Do you know more Best places to eat in Hong Kong on a budget and cheaply?

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