benefits of walking

9 fabulous benefits of walking

We have always been told that if we want to lose weight, the first thing we have to do is start running. However, running is a very demanding activity and not everyone is ready to start practicing from the beginning. For that reason, we can not forget about another activity that everyone can practice and has many benefits of walking.

The fabulous benefits of walking

1. Helps to relax the mindbenefits of walking

There are many people who throw themselves on the couch to watch television for the sole reason of disconnecting from work and day-to-day obligations. If you are one of those, you will be surprised to know what to walk frees more negative thoughts and stress, while helping to overcome feelings of frustration. In addition, serotonin generated during physical activity helps increase the feeling of calm and allows us to sleep better.

2. It keeps you young inside and outbenefits of walking

Different researchers say that walking improves quality of life while increasing life expectancy 3. Sanjay Sharma, professor of sports cardiology at the University Hospital of St George, points out “Physical exercise increases life expectancy between 3 and 7 years. In addition, it is antidepressant, improves cognitive ability and there is evidence that delays the progress of senile dementia. It is the best benefits of walking.

3. Makes you happierbenefits of walking

A study from California State University reports that the more steps we take throughout the day, the happier we are. This is due to other hormones, endorphins, which are what allow us to feel happiness, joy, and euphoria.

4. Keeps stress at bay

Walking keeps the stress hormone (cortisol) at bay. However, other more demanding sports, such as lifting weights, running to exhaustion, etc. increase stress in the body. That does not mean they are bad activities, but must be combined with others that do reduce stress, such as walking.

5. It does not require much effort benefits of walking

Get up and go. It’s that easy You do not have to move to any sports center, you do not even have to change your clothes. Also, unless it is very hot, you will not sweat or you will get tired too much, so you can do anything else when you finish.

6. Help to lose weightbenefits of walking

Walking is a particularly good sport when it comes to losing weight. Walking you will burn between 200 and 400 calories every hour, depending mainly on your weight and the speed at which you walk. Also, being an act of mild intensity, you will consume fats, which will make you look better.

7. Improves the quality of sleep in women during postmenopausebenefits of walking

It is common for postmenopausal women to have trouble co-sleeping. A study by the Fred Hutchinson Institute 4 found that those women who walked for 30 minutes a day, slept better at night.

8. It serves for much more than walking

While you walk, you can take advantage to go on errands, call by phone, listen to music or simply meditate and relax while taking advantage of a little sun that helps absorb vitamin D.

9. Walking on a slope is even betterbenefits of walking

If you want to try harder, what you can do is look for some uphill. Walking on a slope or even climbing stairs has more cardiovascular benefits than walking. In addition, it serves to activate the core area (the abdominals) and the glutes.

As you have seen walking is an unbeatable physical activity that everyone should practice. Remember that experts advise walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Get to it!

While you walk, you can take advantage to go on errands, call by phone, listen to music or simply meditate and relax while taking advantage of a little sun that helps absorb vitamin D.

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