restore factory settings windows 10

A full guideline to restore factory settings windows 10

If you have started to notice that your PC has become too slow and you have done everything to make it work and nothing seems to be working, you can reset Windows 10 from the factory. It will help you to make your computer work a little better. It is the solution when the PC runs slow due to an excess of installed programs, temporary files and garbage that is accumulating little by little in the operating system. If you are looking for an effective solution because you have reached the right place, we will teach you how to restore factory settings windows 10.

How to restore factory settings windows 10

To restore factory settings windows 10 and parameters you just have to know a few steps. Then we will tell you how to do it so that you do not have to endure the slowness of the system anymore. So, with nothing more to say, let’s start with the little tutorial. You can also learn how to make emoji on PC.

Windows 10 has an option to restore the PC to its factory state, that is, to the point where you turned it on for the first time after going through the store. To activate it, you must go to the Windows symbol and enter “Settings” . Within the options, we choose “Update and security” and, once there, click on “Recovery” . Finally, we give “Start” on the option “Reset this PC”.

restore factory settings windows 10

First screen

Now, Windows 10 offers us two options, one more radical and the other more conservative: “remove everything” or “keep my files”. The first remove everything, the second maintains some files as profiles, photos or documents. If you have previously saved the files you want to keep, we recommend the most drastic option. This way we will make sure that the PC really returns to its original state.

Second screen

Now we access a second screen in which Windows 10 offers us two options: “just remove the files” or “remove files and clean the unit”. The first would be a more conventional format, while the second would be a thorough cleaning. For most cases, the simplest option is enough, the execution of which is much faster.

Third screen

The operating system informs us of everything that is going to take place: Personal files and user accounts, applications and programs that were not included with the computer (only native applications are kept) and the changes made in the configuration. Think very well before giving “Restore” because then there will be no going back.

restore factory settings windows 10

Windows will then start working on several processes. It will first restore the PC to its original state and then install features and drivers. Once finished, we will have to configure the basic user data: country, language, keyboard alphabetization and time zone. After accepting the legal conditions we will have the opportunity to “customize the configuration” or “use the quick configuration”.

Most custom configuration options refer to privacy (send contact details and calendars to Microsoft, our way of writing or allow access to our location) or connectivity (automatically connect to public networks, to trusted wireless networks). If we want Microsoft to know nothing about us, it is best to uncheck all the switches.

In the final phase of the process we will have to indicate if it is a company or private PC, and, only if we want, our email address. With “skip this step” we can save it. Finally, we indicate our username and add a password. The password is not mandatory, but it is recommended. If everything has worked correctly, we will arrive at an immaculate desk as the day we first used it.

Perform the factory reset process of our Windows 10, it is very simple. You just have to follow a series of steps that we will indicate a little later when restoring the factory Windows 10 you can help your PC to improve its performance and above all, you can choose whether to delete or keep the files that have on your computer.

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